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July 27, 2019

Should Low-Income Military Families Get a Food Allowance? White House Says No

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Why do we have service members at or under the poverty level?  Seriously we spend over half our countries budget on the military and contractors get rich while service members struggle.  I remember the sub standard housing in Georgia when I was stationed there.   In Germany we had good housing but in our own country we could only afford old broken down crap.  Today it is worse with much base housing dangerous to the people living in them.   This is not supporting the troops.  Next time some one uses that talking point let them know our lower military ranks are struggling to eat and have a roof over their heads.   Hugs

The provision — in the House’s version of the fiscal 2020 defense policy bill — would provide a monthly allowance for military families equal to 130% of the federal poverty guidelines minus the service member’s gross income (not counting any allowances) divided by 12.

The Trump administration has already weighed in, taking issue with the advocates’ characterization of the situation as well as a need for the bill. In a statement released July 9, the White House said it “strongly objected” to the provision because service members “receive appropriate compensation already.”

For an E-4 with several years in the military, a spouse and two children, the proposed benefit would be roughly $234 a month.

The amount is intended to be used for food, diapers, clothing, toiletries — any essential need.

“The basic needs allowance really is an allowance to do exactly what it says, help with basic needs, a plus-up to the base pay for service members who are at or below 130% of the federal poverty line. We are talking very low pay,” said Josh Protas, vice president for public policy at MAZON: A Jewish Response to Hunger.


  1. The irony is that I assume many of these families will still need to get some sort of support, likely in the form of food stamps. For some, wages are so low that military families are on food stamps.

    On a related note, you might be interested in reading a piece I wrote awhile back on a similar theme–our failure to support our troops economically. So much for “support our troops”:

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    Comment by Brendan Birth — July 27, 2019 @ 16:36

    • Hello Brendan. That is the point of the legislation, to give lower income military families access to food assistance. The Republicans claim it is not needed because these people are paid enough. Bastards. I will give your post a look over. I think no one in our country should be food insecure. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — July 27, 2019 @ 16:40

      • The Republicans don’t know what they’re talking about on this one. There are so many stories of military families being in poverty. It’s shameful. Nobody in this country should be food insecure, and doubly so if you serve your country.

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        Comment by Brendan Birth — July 27, 2019 @ 16:50

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