Greed is killing the US


Today, Bernie Sanders traveled to Canada with a group of diabetics to purchase their insulin. The cost is a fraction in the United States.

Every day, people in the US can’t afford their medications. They are forced to ration or choose between paying for it or rent/food.

The greedy pharmaceutical companies that artificially charge high prices know that Americans will suffer, even die, but to them it’s worth it for a little more profit.

6 thoughts on “Greed is killing the US

    • Hello Nan. I remember when George Bush Jr made it part of the new drug bill that Medicare couldn’t negotiate prices down like every other organization and insurance company does. Why??? It was entirely to increase the profit of the pharmaceutical industry. But then the Republicans complain that Medicare and Medicaid cost to much and need to be cut? I don’t think the “people” understand just how badly we are being fleeced and how much worse it is for poor / uninsured people in the US. Hugs

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      • To me, it’s just one more example of how uneducated (not necessarily schooling, but keeping up with information) many people are. They simply go with the flow and accept it when the pharmaceutical industry dishes out the line about costs being related to “research and testing.”

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        • Hello Nan. It also is a problem when state legislators think they know more than trained professionals in medical care and mess around with what drugs can and cannot be prescribed an how. The state of Florida has for several years now been passing stupid unreasonable laws on pain clinics in order to claim to be solving the opioid crisis. I have had to switch to medications that do not work as well for me because of the laws they pass thinking they are more knowledgeable than my doctors. Right now my pain levels have again shot up. It is getting hard for me to function in daily life. I have been on morphines at different times in my life and they work for me. Right now my doctors are finding it hard to get me the medications I need due to the paperwork and unneeded testing required by the state, which insurance doesn’t want to pay for as it is not needed. Plus most doctors today won’t touch pain medications because of the state laws and meddling. I understand there is a problem, but it if frustrating for me as a person with chronic pain that will never go be fixed that I can not get the medications I need without such hassle. Hugs


            • Hello Nan. So true. Also their talking points mean more than the person affected. Look how many pile on the “tough on crime” thing by making stricter laws about crime that actually make things worse not better. As one of the forgotten people really affected by their actions on drugs and healthcare it is a huge problem for me. Hugs


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