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August 5, 2019

It’s Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren v the ‘No We Can’t’ Democrats

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Delaney complained that the two progressive candidates were going to take away people’s health insurance and that ordinary people wouldn’t like that. Warren dismissed those concerns by pointing to how broken the current system is. She shared the story of a friend who, in the middle of battling a disease, was burdened by exorbitant medical bills and insurance-related paperwork – an experience that millions of Americans can relate to. And when an exasperated Delaney complained that his colleagues didn’t understand healthcare from a business perspective, Sanders told him that was the point: it shouldn’t be a business. That might have been difficult to hear for a congressman who has made money off the industry for years.


Sanders replied by reminding him that every credible poll has him beating Trump. He runs especially strongly in battleground states, where he can expose Trump as a “fraud” and a “phony”. What’s extremist about giving people a living wage, or having them pay less for prescription drugs?


Despite polling showing how popular the core progressive agenda of universal healthcare, jobs, and free education is, centrists are desperate to portray themselves as the only sane, electable option out there. This isn’t just the strategy of some long-shots in a crowded field – it’s the argument keeping Joe Biden at the top of Democratic polls.

But the electability bubble is in danger of bursting. Centrists used to run on lofty rhetoric: the “Yes, we can”, “hope and change” stuff. Now they’ve ceded that ground completely to Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren.

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