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August 13, 2019

Yes, I am back

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I got up at 4 AM.  Ron had been up since midnight.  Ron and I shared some time with the cats and enjoyed coffee.  Then I did my morning cartoon round up.  Then before I went to take my shower I decided I was tired of the lagging in my browsers so set the computer to  reset the operating system.  That normally takes about 20 minutes.  When I got back to the computer I did the normal settings check, and started doing updates.  Normally no big deal.  However today everything seemed to go sideways.   I was complaining to Ron a whole day gone doing blogging stuff.  So I did a complete factory image install, it has taken this long to get most of the up to date stuff done.  I am about ready to answer comments and go read blogs!  YEA!!  Hugs

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  1. Computer programs are wonderful … until they aren’t!

    I recently had problems with a couple of mine … and it essentially took me all day to get them working as they’re supposed to. One glitch was my fault (I think I hit a wrong key), but the other one was just plain old computer nonsense. Hmph!

    Anyway … I sympathize. And glad all is back to working as it should (for both of us).

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    Comment by Nan — August 13, 2019 @ 16:42

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