5 thoughts on “first day of school shouldn’t have to be this way so insecure people can play with their deadly toys

  • That’s a sad reality given American society. The first time I did a lockdown drill was when I worked at a high school years ago. That’s something I never had to do when I was a student, and I’m sure these kids and teens coming up now have been doing these drills in school every year and know what to do.

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    • Hello Ospreyshire. I remember my second or third year of school doing the duck and cover thing for nuclear attack. They stopped doing it, as it was stupid and silly. I can not imagine what goes through a child’s mind during a lock down drill. I can not comprehend how a five year old processes the entire idea that they are in danger from an armed intruder trying to kill them in a place the should feel safe. How do you learn when you are frighted / scared? Just recently a motorcycle backfired in times square and people panicked and ran, it caused a stampede of people trying to escape what they feared was a mass shooting. Enough is enough. I use to try to find common ground with “pro gun at any cost” people, but the cost has become too high. We need sensible gun control laws and if it hurts their feelings too bad for them. Hugs

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      • Yeah, I heard stories about the whole duck and cover to the point where shows and stand up comedians have parodied it.

        That really makes me wonder and I’m sure they would be terrified. How would they process that information? They should be learning and playing, not wonder how to survive a school shooting at that age.

        I agree that there should be limitations, but the “pro gun at any cost” people are freaking out for no reason.

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  • I have a great-granddaughter that started kindergarten today. I don’t know if they had to do the “duck and cover” exercise as she lives in California and I primarily hear about what goes on via her mother’s FB posts. I have a hunch she’ll post something if it takes place.

    I can’t help but wonder if she’s purchased one of the bulletproof inserts … shiver

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