5 thoughts on “The US suffers from greed

    • Hello Kreb. I also admire her and the rest of the “squad”. They are making the Democrats proud by standing for people instead of corporations.

      On another note, I posted about a white woman who pulled a gun on for black kids selling something for school as a fundraiser. How blatant is the racist belief that “those people don’t belong in my neighborhood” happening now. I am sick over the actions of these horrible white people. I fear for POC today. Is it just me or is it much more in your face today than it was before? Be well. Hugs

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      • Scottie, it’s always been here. White supremacist/nationalists coming out of the shadows over the last 10 years and cameras everywhere has exposed it.

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        • Hello Kreb . That is very true. I damn well wish I could say it is not that our country is so racist. I wish people like my self and you and all the others fighting for an equal society could say we are winning and the problem is disappearing. i do not feel that way right now. As I see it that is not happening and right now the problem is increasing faster than I feel I can understand it. I am not a POC. I do not have their experiences in our society. Yet I can see the hate, the anger, the bigotry, and racism. Yet other than blogging about it, other than supporting local community groups I do not know what to do about it. Hugs

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