When Children at the Border Got Compassion The United States has a moral responsibility for unaccompanied children—and took it seriously, at least in 2014.


It was hard for any of us to understand the trauma the children had already experienced. But we knew that our role—our moral responsibility—was not merely to deal with them, but to care for them. And that is exactly what our country did.

We set up multiple facilities on military bases, and HHS worked with a coalition of organizations to shelter these vulnerable children while we looked for proper guardians. There was an outpouring of local community support, from church groups making food to a nearby school donating artificial turf for a soccer field.

There is a heck of a lot of good information at the link above.  Please go give it a look over.   It shows a huge difference in attitude from the Obama years and today.  Then these kids were not invaders, they were refugees to be handled with compassion and concern.  It makes me sick how far into fascism and racism this country has turned.   Hugs


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