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2 thoughts on “Behavior

  1. nationofnope says:

    The truth of the matter was obvious to me at 10 yrs. old. It fit in with an understanding that fantasy, legend, myth and fiction were part and parcel with religion. What I suspect is that there’s a compartmentalization of a person’s reasoning that allows religious beliefs to naturally cohabit with their other reasoned beliefs. This is not to say that the constant reinforcement by religious institutions and their minions don’t play a significant role in the reinforcement and propagation of spiritualism as a central role in an individuals healthy psychology development. They most certainly do. It’s just that it should be obvious to anyone willing to reflect that all theistic persuasions cannot all be true and given the nature and characteristics of the deities takes may special dispensations ie. “mysterious ways” and “beyond human understanding” to negate all discrepancies, contradictions and simply being wrong on the facts that permeates all theistic narratives. In a nutshell, yes I believe there is a diagnosable pathology associated with religious beliefs. Just say’n.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello nationofnope. Well said. I have often wondered if because there is a psychological component to religion if it could be said that having deep religious indoctrination could be a form of mental illness or handicap. But then smarter people than I get all pissed off at me and tell me I am talking shit. Anyway. Thanks for the comment, be well. Hugs

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