Gordon Klingenschmitt: Trans People Are Evildoers Who Are “Full of the Devil”

This is what gets trans people beaten and killed.  This is what drives the hate that causes young gay people to kill themselves.   I often wonder if these people are doing this deliberately because they are filled with hate, or are they so stupid they can not see the damage they cause.  In this case they are the very evil they project on to others.    Hugs

Gordon Klingenschmitt: Trans People Are Evildoers Who Are “Full of the Devil”

The good news? Conservative activist and former state legislator (now once again running for public office) Gordon Klingenschmitt admits transgender people exist!

The man who’s full of shit think trans people are full of Satan.

It’s amusing that bigots like Klingenschmitt think two genders are more than enough while insisting the devil is an actual person and all trans people are just lying to themselves. It’s not worth explaining, yet again, why his description makes no sense, but it’s telling that he thinks the mere existence of a trans person leads to reeducation and indoctrination while a religious school itself does neither.

3 thoughts on “Gordon Klingenschmitt: Trans People Are Evildoers Who Are “Full of the Devil”

  • I absolutely loathe this man. I cannot begin to describe my feelings for this – this person without descending into vulgarity. He is a walking nightmare who should have been relegated to the compost pile of history long ago.

    I’m not really sure why Klingenschmitt is getting any kind of media attention at all. The man is utterly insignificant. He was thrown out of the navy for misconduct, managed, somehow, to get himself elected to the legislature where he was almost immediately thrown off every committee he was on because he was, frankly, nuts, and so prejudiced no one, not even other bigots, could stand him. He is, to put it bluntly, a loony. Aside from the occasional “news” item about him doing “remote exorcisms” of the White House during the Obama administration, he was, and is, utterly insignificant. He’s tried to get himself elected to some position, any position he can to give himself a platform to spew this garbage, and has failed miserably. Right now he’s trying to desperately get himself elected again, and the only way he can get any attention at all is to spout this nonsense in the hopes he can generate enough interest in his base, the Raving Loony Party, to carve out some kind of little empire where he can rant and rave to his heart’s content.

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    • Hello grouchyfarmer. I hope he doesn’t get a platform or an office. I read this morning about a trans woman in Jacksonville Florida, who was severely beaten and then dragged behind a minivan for two blocks. The police won’t release the crime scene videos as they say it is so horrendous. The hate that Klingenschmitt spews can lead to these types of attacks. Hugs


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