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October 1, 2019

Is there no end to the cruelty and hate this administration have for POC?

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A few weeks ago, Sister Salome Limas started fielding some unusual requests at the women’s shelter she runs in Tijuana: The Central American asylum seekers staying at Instituto Madre Asunta began asking if she could let them out in the middle of the night so they could go to court in the United States. The women then showed her paperwork from US immigration officials, directing them to show up to the Mexican side of the San Ysidro Port of Entry at 3:30 a.m.

Limas didn’t understand why they’d need to be there at such a perilous time, especially in the murder capital of the world. For security reasons, Instituto Madre Asunta’s gates are always locked, and people staying at the shelter aren’t allowed to leave at night. So when the women said they had to leave at 3 in the morning, Limas suggested they get a hotel room closer to the port of entry—the walk from the shelter to the border is about 2 miles, through a neighborhood known for drug and alcohol abuse—and stay there for a few hours. It’d simply be too dangerous to leave the shelter with their kids at that hour.

The courthouse in San Diego where immigration hearings take place is a 25-minute drive from the San Ysidro Port of Entry. Until recently, Knox said, most Remain in Mexico asylum seekers had court in the afternoon and were asked to show up around 8 or 9 a.m. “But, like everything in this process, there’s something very intentional in all of this to make it as difficult as possible,” she said, echoing a common refrain among advocates that the Trump administration is making the asylum process additionally burdensome so migrants give up on their cases or don’t show up at the border in the first place.


  1. Someone needs to wake Trump up at 3:30 AM every morning to make sure McDonalds is really open at that time.

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    Comment by rawgod — October 2, 2019 @ 02:21

    • Hello Rawgod. Can you imagine making that journey to save your life or your child’s life only to find the country you went to for safety was deliberately putting you and your children at risk of rape / death, the very things you were running from. The woman was scared even of the military person that should have been there to protect them, but like our own law officers instead abuse them. I can not understand the people making these policies and rules, thinking it is OK to let these people, even the kids, be raped or killed just because they are brown skinned. Fuck! Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — October 2, 2019 @ 03:39

      • A lot of us cannot understand such thinking, but there ARE those who do it. GOD IS A WHITE MAN! Therefore the only important people in the world are white males. But you notice they are more than willing to rape women of colour. Their penises are as blind as their eyes see only white. Funny how that works…
        I hope when their rapture comes it turns out Jesus is green with purple stripes and orange polka dots. Let’s see then if they still want to go to heaven…

        Liked by 1 person

        Comment by rawgod — October 2, 2019 @ 06:21

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