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October 1, 2019

WI Pastor: It’s “Criminal” to Stop Me from Preaching at School Graduations

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According to Christians it is persecution to keep them from preaching at kids who can not leave the room, yet it is a horrible abuse of indoctrination to post positive support for LGBTQ people.  The amount of entitlement that Christians demand shows what the whole thing is about, forcing their religion on everyone else.  If a Muslim or a Hindu tried to do this Christians would freak out, but they demand the right to do it.    I also notice they think that no laws they do not want to follow applies to them, their god makes them above the laws.   Hugs

WI Pastor: It’s “Criminal” to Stop Me from Preaching at School Graduations

The Appleton Post-Crescent asked Dupree what he thought of these new measures, and his response was exactly what you’d expect from a Christian who thinks he’s constantly being persecuted because he has no sense of reality.

Calling the guidelines “systematic bullying” and a “direct attack on the First Amendment,” Dupree told The Post-Crescent he believes one of the intentions behind the protocol is to prevent him, specifically, from speaking at future district events.

“To me, that is criminal and it’s wrong and it doesn’t lead to tolerance,” he said. “I’m not trying to force anyone of any faith or any religion or belief to think as I do — I think everyone should be allowed to freely express who they are as an individual.”

See?! He’s not proselytizing at all! He’s just talking about Jesus in a casual way during an event that’s supposed to highlight students and their accomplishments. (If a Muslim did the same thing, the right-wing outrage would be more obvious; Dupree shouldn’t be let off the hook just because he’s Christian.)

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