Attorney for Botham Jean’s Family: Neighbor Who Testified Against Amber Guyger Shot and Killed in Dallas

I read about this earlier this morning.  This man was executed for testifying against a guilty police officer.   He was shot in the mouth, could it be any clearer?   This needs to be aggressively investigated.   This article doesn’t mention where he was shot but the one I read said he was getting out of his car and he was ambushed.  He was shot in the chest and in the mouth.  A black man had the audacity to testify against a white woman police officer who was found guilty.    Yes, I think this sends a message to others about what will happen to them if they do the same thing.   Hugs

Attorney for Botham Jean’s Family: Neighbor Who Testified Against Amber Guyger Shot and Killed in Dallas

“Joshua Brown, the next door neighbor of #BothamJean was killed last night after being shot several times by an unknown assailant,” Merritt noted. “Local media has reported on the shooting but have not confirmed Brown’s identity. Because, Brown worked closely with prosecutors just a week ago to ensure Amber Guyger was properly convicted in the murder trial, the DA’s office has fairly direct contact with Brown and his family. An ADA has confirmed that it was in fact Brown who was killed although they have yet to identify a suspect or motive for the shooting. The case is now in the hands of the Dallas Police Department. Brown’s testimony stood out as a fact witness who was approaching his apartment directly across from Botham Jean’s apartment when shots rang out.”

Online reaction thus far has been fierce–with many people terming Brown’s death an “assassination,” “hit,” and/or revenge on behalf of Dallas cops. While the timing of Brown’s death is suspicious, there is at this time no evidence to support such online characterizations of the killing.

Merritt also said that Brown lived “in constant fear” that he could be a victim of gun violence


10 thoughts on “Attorney for Botham Jean’s Family: Neighbor Who Testified Against Amber Guyger Shot and Killed in Dallas

  • This is how a race war starts. If everything you say is true–I am not saying it isn’t, just waiting for more facts–then a person-of-colour uprising would not surprise me. Trump has created the perfect atmosphere for it. and where will that leave liberal or socialist whites? They will be caught in the middle. Goodbye SANITY.

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    • Hello Rawgod. I understand what you are saying, however we are already in a race war. POC have always been under attack in my country, but now they are seriously at jeopardy from the very people paid to protect them. Over the last two years I have made post after post of innocent POC being gunned down by police and white juries letting them off. If you would like to know more about the war on POC I suggest this web site. Hugs

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        • Hello Rawgod. I hope a full out race war can be avoided by a new progressive administration that will work hard to implement a true equality society and will work hard to use the new DOJ to stop and eliminate racial police officers. Hugs


          • That is going to take a whole new philosophy of policing and the hiring of police officers. With a philosophy of punishment “after the fact” as opposed to social prevention, you are only going to get power-hungry people wanting to do police and military jobs. When prevention is more important than punishment, then we can talk.

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    • Hello Nan. I agree, or they will try to blame it on a drug deal gone bad. Remember they always find something drug retaliated to every POC illegally shot by the police. The MO is to drag the victim through the mud with anything they can imply. Hugs


  • I heard about this story and I was beyond furious. The timing of the situation and how he died is extremely suspicious. How can anyone think that him getting shot in the mouth after testifying in court against Amber Guyger is NOT symbolic? He did nothing wrong. He told the truth and he was an honest entrepreneur with multiple Airbnbs in different states. Joshua Brown was doing for himself and told the truth and is killed for it. Morality is inverted here in America. This is something we bash dictatorships for!

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    • Hello ospreyshire. Very true friend, very true. The sad thing is I think he knew he was putting a target on himself by testifying. He was afraid of gun violence the articles say. I would bet the prosecutors pressured him and may have even promised to protect him, but we all know as soon as they got what they wanted he was disposable to them. I wonder how the police will spin this? Will they pin it on a low level drug dealer? Will they just let it go cold? No way I think they will actually blame any police officer. Hugs

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      • Thanks, Scottie. Yeah, he looked very distraught even though no one can blame him. One video I saw about that situation mentioned that Bunni (the person who was demonized and fired for filming what happened) mentioned that people in Dallas were intimidated to testify against the police, so that doesn’t surprise me at all. I do worry that the mainstream media will play up some drug dealer/gangbanger narrative because the media works lockstep with the authorities. There’s a reason why it’s the 4th estate of government.

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