The Sacramento Bee: Trump admin. opens 720,000 acres of California public land to oil, gas leases

Trump admin. opens 720,000 acres of California public land to oil, gas leases
Oil and gas companies will gain fracking leases on California public land under a Trump administration energy plan. Environmental groups protested it. Fresno and Monterey counties to see most wells.

Read in The Sacramento Bee:

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11 thoughts on “The Sacramento Bee: Trump admin. opens 720,000 acres of California public land to oil, gas leases

  • This is a tough one for me. My son-in-law is in the oil business and the family has definitely felt the downturn. However, I do NOT like the effect on the environment. When I read that “BLM says it has sufficiently factored in those environmental considerations,” I almost laughed out loud. Of course we know that tRumpsky is essentially behind it all and that makes me dislike the move even more!

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    • Hello Nan. I understand. My red line is fracking. All the evidence we have shows it is horribly damaging to the environment and basically kills the water table. That means everything from plants, animals, and people can not get drinkable water. I know that many drilling companies are careless and don’t care about the environment, but we can regulate them. Fracking is simply killing the area around it for profit. One of the things I found illuminating was that one of the big wigs from an oil company sued to keep any fracking from near his fancy expensive home and he won. Hugs

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  • Hi, Scottie –

    Big Energy didn’t exactly ask for this, it’s being done as a favor to Drumph’s contributors, and the reason they’re somewhat hesitant to jump right in and “Drill, baby, DRILL!” is because CA has THE most stringent environmental laws in place, regarding drilling, mining, and other forms of resource extraction, and I’m willing to bet my whole Disability check that essentially nothing comes from this, as – right now, anyway – it’s FAR too expensive to dig, drill or otherwise destroy wild, undeveloped lands. And being the optimist I am, I’ll also bet that the next Dim Prezinit will undo all of his transgressions, and with the right make-up of Congress – a Dim majority in BOTH the House & Senate – new laws can and will be passed that will make it even tougher for any future Prez to do shit like this.

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    • Hello Dennis. Great points. I wonder though , if doing this here will make it easier to do it in another state that would be better for big oil to drill in? Or was this just a way to irritate and cause California to waste time and money fighting this? Hugs

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  • I wish I could us the bad language I’d really like to here. Whilst I’m sure Trump set this in motion to punish California for defying him it will also please his friends and backers especially if it breaks open any barriers on using Tribal lands. This will cause nothing but ill to the environment and damage to the landscape.I hope the courts put a stop to it but of course the Supreme

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  • Funny how it was wro g for Canada to frack, but now is okay for the USA. Well, frack everyone. The fossil fuel industry it out to kill the world. May we rest in plastic caskets.

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    • Hello Rawgod. Did the US try to get Canada to not frack? A lot of people in these industries simply want their cut of the big money before the gravy train ends, and they do not care about the damage it causes. It is like the tobacco companies, and now the vape industry. Hugs


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