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October 8, 2019

Conflicts of interest that help Trump, Putin, Erdogan, but destroy our allies and hurt America’s standing in the world

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Conflicts of interest that help Trump, Putin, Erdogan, but destroy our allies and hurt America’s standing in the world.

Trump’s Syria policy is positively sinister.


  1. Just did a bit of research and I’m not sure this is entirely accurate. Also, from my understanding, it’s a a license-partnership (only his NAME is involved); he doesn’t have actual ownership as in other properties.


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    Comment by Nan — October 8, 2019 @ 12:06

    • Hello Nan. I do not understand. The meme never said tRump owned the building. He licenses his brand, which is his name just as you say. The point being made was it a conflict, he had a business relationship in a country lead by a dictator and was making a military decision that effects that country.

      I am watching the news ( at 2:30 AM ) and it turns out Erdogan pulled a tRump on tRump. He got on the phone with him, claimed a huge grievance over being snubbed during the world meeting at the UN, and he gaslighted tRump. The report says he yelled at tRump and did not try to kiss up to him. tRump wanted off the call, and offered a white house visit but Erdogan refused it, he wanted to go into Syria and tRump said fine, and pulled our troops out of the area. So it did not have anything to do with his business dealings after all, but the fact he has no spine and is afraid to be yelled at. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — October 9, 2019 @ 03:18

      • The way I interpreted the meme was that tRumpsky’s decision to pull U.S. troops out was a way of thanking Erdogan for the Tower. However, from my research, the Tower actually opened in 2012 so the meme was incorrect.

        As for the other part of your comment … verrrry interesting. I wonder though how the news source was able to get this info … ??

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        Comment by Nan — October 9, 2019 @ 12:15

        • Hello Nan. I understand the confusion now. This may explain why people thought it may be a conflict problem.

          The towers have previously served as a pressure point for Erdogan’s efforts to influence White House policy. Following Trump’s proposal to ban all Muslim immigrants from entering the U.S., for example, Erdogan called for the president’s name to be taken off the building.

          But when Trump expressed support for Erdogan’s post-coup crackdown and subsequent mass arrests, Erdogan stopped calling for the towers’ name to be changed.

          As I posted a few days ago it was Newsweek that broke the story. I assume they got it from the very leaky white house or tRump called one of his friends and blabbed it over his unsecured phone and who knows how many people listen in to that. We know the Israelis planted cell call capture devices all over Washington.

          On another note, I have not been online much lately, missed everyone’s blogs. I know it has only been a week but seems like a life time. How are you doing? Anything interesting going on? Hugs


          Comment by Scottie — October 9, 2019 @ 12:53

          • I’ve noticed your semi-absence. The usual plethora of morning posts, but replies have been few and far-between. Hope you’re just taking a slight break and it’s not health-related (either you or Ron).

            Nothing particularly new in my life, but my daughter had an “event.” She likes to ride motorcycles and a little over a week ago she had a really bad fall. Cars stopped suddenly in front of them, her brakes locked up, and the bike went DOWN! Dislocated her shoulder (having surgery today) and LOTS of scrapes, cuts, and bruises … and MUCHO soreness. She’s not been a very happy camper.

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            Comment by Nan — October 9, 2019 @ 13:03

            • Hello Nan. I am sorry to hear about your daughters fall. Dang I am glad she is adventurous and rides motorcycles but they are dangerous. I miss my old motorcycle. Please keep me informed on her healing, I do care.

              I have had a lot of problems, doctors stuff, and not been able to sit at my computers. I am only getting a few hours sleep at a time due to the painful cramping of my feet and the pain in my back. The spine shots seem to have failed. Thankfully next week I will get the trigger point injections that really do help.

              I need to learn how to better use my pad to read posts and answer comments. I have been spending a lot of time trying to either sleep or lay down because I can not stand the pain in my hip / back from sitting that using the pad would really help me keep up. But while I can read stuff on the pad, answering is harder for me.

              As for the morning. When I first get up, normally now between 3:30 AM to 5 AM ( I have my alarm set to five but I have been getting up far before that for months ) I do the cat stuff such as feeding them their treaty breakfast and making of them, start the coffee, and get the computers online. Then I set one computer to play the news channels I like, while on the other I try to answer comments. I say try as lately Odie has figured out that if after he eats his breakfast if he gets on the desk between me and the keyboard he gets a lot of attention. So another 20 minutes to half an hour just surfing news channels while making of Odie. Then I pry him off to the side or off the desk if he wont agree to move, I get to the comments. I love comments. I take time to read and answer each one. I do not understand why other blogs get hundreds of comments on posts and I only get a few? But I enjoy each one. Then I try to do my daily cartoon / meme round up. To do that I have to go 48 different cartoon sites, and because some times it is slim pickings I would like to add a few more that have good ones. Some I can take directly from the web sites and others I have to tweet, then open twitter and copy/ paste to the post. Then I try to get to the 22 morning news websites I go to. By now I am tired and sore. It is at this point I am failing. I use to then go to other peoples blogs. But lately I have been so tired and sore I just stop. I woke up at 12:30 AM this morning, got out of bed at 2. Went at 10 to help a lady in the park with her tablet / phone problems for two hours. Now I am very tired and I still have not checked into the news sites. Yet I am enjoying the comments. I have a new commenter , Dylan, who claims to be a wiz kid 15 year old home schooled conservative who takes an issue with the progressive nature of my blog. I have been to his, all right wing stuff. I think this will be interesting. Hugs

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              Comment by Scottie — October 9, 2019 @ 14:01

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