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October 9, 2019

Holding people illegally in for profit prisons paid for by the taxpayer

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The surge in migrant detention has occurred against the backdrop of a criminal justice overhaul in Louisiana that has reduced the state’s prison population and threatened the economies of the small towns that rely on the jails.

ICE has stepped into the void. At Winn, which started detaining migrants in May, employee salaries have risen from $10 an hour to $18.50. Local officials have signed contracts that guarantee millions in payments to the local government, the state, and a private prison company based in the state, while still allowing ICE to detain migrants at a daily cost well below its national average.


Detainees are required to walk from site to site with their hands clasped behind their backs, as if they are handcuffed. Most employees don’t speak Spanish or Hindi and communicate with migrants using hand signals or a few words of English that one person can translate to others.


Advocates blame the administration for detaining legitimate asylum seekers who could otherwise be released with future court dates. They say the jails in Louisiana epitomize the problem.

A federal judge recently ruled that ICE was unlawfully refusing to release asylum seekers in Louisiana under its authority to grant parole. Lawyers say very few people are granted parole from Winn or other facilities in the state. Without it, detainees must request bond from an immigration judge, which can take months.


A decline in prison population could eventually have led to the prison closing, Jordan said.

“It would be devastating,” he said. “You’d see people moving, bankruptcy. It would be like an automobile plant closing.”

Jordan, ICE, and LaSalle Corrections, which was already running the prison, agreed in May to a five-year contract, with an option to add five more.

ICE pays around $70 per day for each inmate, Jordan said, more than double what the state was paying to house convicts. That is still well below what ICE pays nationally, which it estimated at around $133 per day in 2017.

Much more at the link above as always.    Hugs

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