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October 13, 2019

Uganda: ‘Kill the Gays’ Law Imposing Death Penalty on Homosexuals *Added information*

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The love of their god is their love to hate.  Think of the money and effort to change a countries view on homosexuality to such a fervent dislike and anger against.   Why.  What does it matter to Scott Lively that people a world away on a totally different country on a different continent may have sex with their own genders?  It is sick.  Talk about recruitment, it is not the gays doing it.   Hugs

Uganda: ‘Kill the Gays’ Law Imposing Death Penalty on Homosexuals

Homosexuality was illegal in Uganda under existing colonial laws, he explained, “But nobody was ever arrested or prosecuted based on those old laws. People turned a blind eye to it. Homosexuality was not a political issue.”

That changed in 2009, Rev Kaoma said, when a group of American evangelicals led by Pastor Scott Lively, a self-proclaimed expert on the “gay movement”, held a series of talks in Uganda. Mr Lively warned audiences that the “evil institution” of homosexuality sought to “prey upon” and recruit Ugandan children in a bid to “defeat the marriage-based society”.

Dr Frank Mugisha, director of the LGBT rights organisation, Sexual Minorities Uganda (Smug), recently told The Independent on Sunday, “[The idea] of a gay agenda, of recruiting people to homosexuality – that language wasn’t used in Uganda pre-2009. [Lively] made my work very difficult and was conspiring with my legislators, but [to Ugandans] he was like God himself. People were worshipping him as if he was from heaven.”

American conservatives first arrived in Uganda in significant numbers following the fall, in 1979, of Idi Amin, the Muslim dictator who had banned evangelical Christianity. Among them was Mike Bickle, founder of the Kansas City-based International House of Prayer (IHOP). According to Mr Williams, “Bickle was there on the ground on the day Amin fell… with a group of American Christian leaders, to take the country as a Christian nation.”

US Christian groups have since spent millions on schools, hospitals and orphanages in Uganda. They have also found fertile ground for their religious values. Rev Kaoma said American conservatives may have lost the culture wars on the home-front, but they believe they can win in the developing world. “The battle has been fought on American soil, and then exported to the African continent,” he said.


  1. Hmmm, sounds like what Big Tobacco companies are doing in Africa and other poorer countries. The more ground they lose in North America, the more they go after the developing nations. No conscience. No guilt. Sell. Sell Sell. Preach. Preach. Preach.
    How are white christians in America going to feel when they are outnumbered by POC christians in the rest of the world? With tobacco smoke pouring out their churches’s windows?
    LGBTQ2S persons will have to flee to Antarctca, and create their own nation. (Not meant in any homophobic way, just wondering why we cannot all get along with NOTHING dividing living being from living being!)

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    Comment by rawgod — October 13, 2019 @ 13:47

    • Hello Rawgod. Your point about the church is spot on, the Catholic church is facing a crisis. The majority of their members shifted some time ago away from white people to South America, and is now centered in the African continent. The church is always behind their own social trends so they finally picked a South American Pope, and already the rumbles are coming from the African nations about beings ignored. A huge schism is coming for the Catholic church when the POC take charge, the white nationalist wont accept it. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — October 13, 2019 @ 14:39

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