5 thoughts on “Canada’s socialized healthcare

  • He is lucky if he never had to pay for medications. I am a senior on a poverty-line fixed income, and I have to pay at least a deductible on each prescription, unless the medication is not on the approved list, then I have to pay for it all. But better that than not getting any help at all. Socialized health care is not something you have to die for!

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    • Hello Rawgod. I think medications should go on a sliding scale. The more money you have the more you pay. In your case you would pay nothing. What is a government for if not to take care of the people, especially the poorest people. Hugs


      • The top 1% would just make sure they look poor, because that is how they stay rich. I used to work at Revenue Canada reviewing tax filings, and you would not believe the things those with money claim in order to look like they made no money in the year. I cannot say anything specific, but I will say you had to be rich to claim millions of dollars in exemptions. The little guys, we were thrown tidbits that made sure we were paying more taxes than those who had money to burn…

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