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October 18, 2019

Insider Trading, Maybe?

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Hello TG. Thank you. I had a feeling there had to be more to these trade wars than just his most stupid tRump getting his feelings hurt. While he may really think he is winning on these clearly hurting the US trade wars, there had to be someone(s) propping him up and feeding him talking points. That there is behind the scenes massive profit to be made is a good explanation for all this. The question I have is this: Is tRump aware of the profit and gets a cut, or is he clueless and others are getting all the profit while making him out to be the fall guy total fool? Hugs

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Follow the Ameros!

A lot of us have speculated that somehow, someone(s), somewhere is making money off of Prznint Stupid’s incoherent Trade Wars and other shitshows. This piece in Vanity Fair puts the pieces of the puzzle together, though (Spoiler Alert!) no one knows who is making the money because…

There is no way for another trader, let alone an outsider such as me, to know who is making these trades. But regulators know or can find out. One longtime CME trader who has been watching with disgust says he’s never seen anything quite like these trades, not at least since al-Qaida cashed in before initiating the September 11 attacks. “There is definite hanky-panky going on, to the world’s financial markets’ detriment,” he says. “This is abysmal.”

Anyway, William Cohen lays it out very neatly and literally some of these suspicious trades have resulted in $1B+ Amero profits:

“… On…

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