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November 7, 2019

One Big Thing the Dems Get Wrong About Warren

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The political establishment loves the center. But it’s the radicals who end up writing history.

Meanwhile, a quarter-century covering national politics has convinced me that the more pervasive force shaping coverage of Washington and elections is what might be thought of as centrist bias, flowing from reporters and sources alike. It is a headwind for Warren, Sanders, the “squad” on Capitol Hill, even for Trump. This bias is marked by an instinctual suspicion of anything suggesting ideological zealotry, an admiration for difference-splitting, a conviction that politics should be a tidier and more rational process than it usually is.

A confession: I’ve got it. A pretty strong bout, actually.

I am not terribly self-conscious about my predispositions to see politics and governance a certain way. These wouldn’t be my predispositions if I didn’t think they had something going for them. But the recognition of bias imposes an obligation to push against default thinking and explore the possibility that it is wrong.

Here’s the main reason it might be wrong: The most consequential history is usually not driven by the center.

One skeptic was the great 20th century historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr., who knew and liked Clinton, but was deeply wary of middle-of-the-road politics. “Great presidents,” he told me, “are unifiers mostly in retrospect.”

In their own times, he noted, they divide the country over large questions—slavery, civil rights, the proper role of government versus the private sector—and only later “unite the country at a new level of understanding.”

Recall that in 2008 Barack Obama was opposed to gay marriage and an individual mandate to carry health insurance. Reparations for the descendants of slaves, backed by several 2020 candidates, was not simply a controversial idea but one outside the bounds of mainstream politics. On government’s role in health care, a wealth tax, decriminalizing illegal border crossings and other issues, even self-described moderates are well to the left of anything Obama considered safe. It’s not that the centrists of the past 20 years are right or wrong so much as irrelevant once history starts to gallop.

There is more at the link as always.   Hugs




  1. Well said Scottie.

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    Comment by Brookingslib — November 7, 2019 @ 16:11

    • Hello Brookingslib. The article was interesting because there is such a centralist bias in the media. They drive a lot of the narrative by their preconceptions. The way I can tell is when a poll askes about specific issues the more progressive positions are more favored by the majority of the population. Yet then when reporters report on candidates I see the disconnect. The whole electability argument is false. No one know who is electable until the election is over. How many times has a front runner who was the most electable fallen to the back of the pack? How many times have we been told by paid strategists that so or so is the most electable only to have them lose? Mondale was said to be the most electable, Kerry was said to be the most electable, Hillary was said to be the most electable ( I admit I fell for it, I studied the polls and even though I liked Bernie I voted for Clinton thinking I was being super smart, I was not ). tRump was claimed to not be electable. So no one knows is electable until the race is over. I wont fall for the game twice. This time I will vote and promote my candidate on who I think has the policies of what I want for a progressive country in the primary, then when the nominee is chosen I will support that person totally.

      I think Warren is the best thing that can happen to our country. I think she can win. I think she energizes the base, she will energize the country and if all the candidates who are not chosen support her she can win. My only fear is the idea of a third party Gabbard run. I think she is setting it up. I really do. Anyway. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — November 7, 2019 @ 17:29

      • Can’t argue with you Scottie. I’m very impressed with Warren…have been for a long time. So smart. So detailed. She’s energetic and empathetic. Great qualities. But now of course we’re hearing she’s angry…she agitates. No doubt there’s a huge built-in bias.
        Speaking of Warren, I urge you to check out her Twitter timeline, that is if you’re on there. She trolled Bill Gates today in a way that is so fitting, yet funny as hell. I have to admit, these billionaires whining about how Warren worries them is beyond hilarious. All the more reason to like her in my view!!
        Great points Scottie

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        Comment by Brookingslib — November 7, 2019 @ 18:23

        • Hello Brookingslib. Thank you Jeff. The problem I have is I can not get to everything in one day I need to. Like today I got up at 1 AM and did my own morning blogging before switching over to others blogs and emails. I get over 500 emails a day, simply no ways I can keep up with them. So as for Twitter I have an account. I keep it mostly to forward my posts to, and to keep others from grabbing my screen name, it has happened before. Also there are some sites I can not re-post unless I first put them to twitter due to legal issues and them demanding money from anyone who posts their stuff. Weird the way it works but after being sued once and winning I am a sticker for the rules. So with my morning of 58 cartoon sites then 20 others if they do not give me enough to post for my morning round up, then all the wonderful blogs I love to read, and at the same time my secondary computer / monitor is playing first the TYT 2 hours of news, then Hardball, Rachel Maddow, then Chris Hayes, then Lawrence O’Donnell before I switch over to the 148 YouTube channels I follow. This doesn’t count the news podcasts I follow when I can not be at my computers such as showering or other home chores or even doctors appointments. I love that the car we bought syncs to my phone so I am never out of any current news source. Yes I am addicted to news.

          All of this leads me to your question. Did I see her twitter feed. No sorry I missed it. I will see it at some point I am sure. However, and this is the great point I want to make, if you see news you think is important, pound on my doors until I acknowledge you and the news. I am grateful if you do that. Well another dozen emails and it is off to bed for me. Hugs

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          Comment by Scottie — November 7, 2019 @ 19:10

          • 24 hours is not enough in a day for you Scottie! I get it.
            Briefly, Warren rolled out her Medicare for All plan a week ago. It’s on her website, and she’s included a calculator to show how much it would cost people. After this week of billionaires whining about how much she plans on taxing them, she created a special spot for them. In fact, if you click on that you’re a billionaire, it then actually goes to the question: Are you Bill Gates? Click yes, and it shows how much in taxes he would pay, based on his net worth being about 107B. It’s funny as hell because she basically addresses him personally. He’d pay about 6B in taxes per year if her plan were enacted. In other words, he’s wouldn’t have to go on food stamps anytime soon!
            Thanks for what you do Scottie….

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            Comment by Brookingslib — November 8, 2019 @ 10:58

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