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4 thoughts on “America isn’t crying out for a billionaire to save us.

  1. I lived in New York while Bloomberg was mayor. He was a very mixed bag. Crime went down, but police relations with their communities also went downhill because of stop-and-frisk (which he still supports to my knowledge). The public schools didn’t improve. He botched the response to a major blizzard. New York did recover after 9/11, but it seems like the recovery mostly helped the wealthy. The problems with our public housing in New York are in part thanks to Bloomberg. There comes a certain point where, if you can’t even be a successful mayor, why take him seriously as a presidential candidate? It’s the same question as I had with de Blasio, except Bloomberg is to the right of de Blasio on a number of issues.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Brendan. Great points, thanks for sharing. What worries me is he can not win. It is not possible. He is not liked by the very groups the Democrats must appeal to. It would be worse if he got to be the nominee. So why is he doing this, wasting the money that could be helping valid candidates in many states? Some have said ego, but I think it is an intimidation tactic. It is designed to scare the progressives and to show the centralist that they will get money and support from the super wealthy. It highlights the problem of money in politics. Hope all is well for you these days. Hugs

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      1. He has a big enough ego that he may think that he can win. So, I think there is ego involved here. It could be an intimidation tactic though, to scare and even silence the progressives. There’s probably a lot he can silence with his billions.

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        1. Scottie says:

          Hello Brendan. You could be correct. These people have reached a point where their money makes them think they are above the rest, the normal humans, they are a species above. Humility is not in their vocabulary. Hugs

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