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November 13, 2019

Christian Fascist Luis Fernando Camacho Leads ‘Racist Coup’ In Bolivia

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Another time of an evangelical religion forcing itself into secular government with horrible motives.   They want a world wide theocracy.   These religious people see the world as a war between religions and they are the warriors for their god.  There is no compromise with them.  The have made destroying any non-white non-religious state and the social rights of anyone not of their religion , their male gender, and their skin color.   Right now they are using the poorer countries in Africa to get their social ideas into the laws, but they do not see POC as equals.  Here in the US a white Baptist church refused to let a mostly black Baptist church use their facilities.   This is a scary future we are headed to, because when each religion controls the governments they they will go to war with each to wipe the other religion off their gods planet.   Hugs

Christian Fascist Luis Fernando Camacho Leads ‘Racist Coup’ In Bolivia

Christian theocracy comes to Bolivia: In a disturbing development Christian fascist Luis Fernando Camacho has seized control of Bolivia via a military coup.

Comacho, a Christian fascist and paramilitary leader, is a millionaire businessman who has promised his fanatical Christian supporters that he will purge his country’s Native heritage from government and “return God” to the presidential palace.

Reporting on Comacho’s coup, The Grey Zone notes:

With a Bible in one hand and a national flag in the other, Camacho bowed his head in prayer above the presidential seal, fulfilling his vow to purge his country’s Native heritage from government and “return God to the burned palace.”

“Pachamama will never return to the palace,” he said, referring to the Andean Mother Earth spirit. “Bolivia belongs to Christ.”

The Grey Zone explains Comacho’s background:

He is a powerful multi-millionaire named in the Panama Papers, and an ultra-conservative Christian fundamentalist groomed by a fascist paramilitary notorious for its racist violence, with a base in Bolivia’s wealthy separatist region of Santa Cruz.

Telesur reports on Camacho’s Christian fascism:

Everything Camacho does has a strong religious bond: he mentions God in all his appearances, took the Bible to the Government Palace and urges his followers to take the virgin to the mobilizations.

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