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November 17, 2019

After Death Threats, Drag Queen Story Time Event Cancelled in West Virginia

Another case of Christians demanding others follow their doctrines and doing so with force and threats.   These people do not want democracy and do not care about anyone else’s rights.   The only thing that matters is forcing everyone to follow their god, their rules, and do things the way they do.  They are thugs using religion to get their own way.  We need to return to the rule of law before these people take over by force to make this country a theocracy.  Hugs

After Death Threats, Drag Queen Story Time Event Cancelled in West Virginia

Drag Queen Story Hours are becoming popular events around the country, but they are not without controversy. Many Christian protesters take it upon themselves to try to get the events cancelled, despite the fact that the story times remain family-friendly and help children understand inclusiveness.

The Drag Queen Story Time was scheduled for today, but credible violent threats motivated the volunteers to cancel the event for the safety of everyone involved. The library issued a statement yesterday afternoon:

Paul Liller, one of the scheduled readers at the event, said he received the threatening messages through Facebook on Thursday:

“I know where you live now who’s out side your home”

That’s what I will do you wanted to know” along with an image stating “no trespassing” “violators will be shot, survivors will be shot again”

And the final post linked multiple stories with Liller’s name in them as well as a link to a story saying an actor sharing Liller’s name had died, then posted “The men the work with me when I was 16 I know you guys can put a stop to will you please do this for me I know you have the power to do this Do it to save the kids.”


  1. I don’t approve of death threats but I don’t approve of drag queens reading to children in public libraries, either. Drag queens are adult entertainment & should be in those venues only.


    Stop this endless sexualization of children. They don’t need to know about gender. It’s bad enough that everything is pink & blue. It’s bad enough that when a girl wants to play with a truck, she’s told she’s “really a boy” & when a boy wants to play with a doll, he’s told he’s “really a girl”. Not that he’s “playing Daddy”. Which someday, he may be. Or the girl may someday be a truck driver. Of which there are THOUSANDS.

    But the fact is … drag queens don’t need to be READING to children.

    & the other fact is … regardless of how you “identify”, you don’t need to be dressing like that, anyway. You can “feel” like a woman & dress like the man you are. Most of us women NEVER dress like that, ACT like that, or put on LAYERS of makeup like that. THIS IS AN ACT. An insulting act, I might add.

    I repeat, I do not approve of death threats. But these guys didn’t need to start reading to children. Drag queens don’t belong in the children’s section of ANY public library. They’re adult entertainment. If they’re too stupid or arrogant to understand that, that’s just too bad for them.


    Comment by silverapplequeen — November 17, 2019 @ 06:16

    • Hello silverapplequeen.

      Drag queens are adult entertainment & should be in those venues only

      is really a silly way to look at it. It is simply dress up. Something kids do all the time. Halloween anyone. There is nothing sexual going on at these events. They are not stripping, not reading sexual novels, no overt sexual enhancements, they are dressing in funny costumes to entertain kids. Have you seen the pictures? The costumes are almost pure fantasy. To say that this is sexual is the same as saying the Harry Potter movies are adult entertainment not fit for kids.

      The facts are that kids, young kids know how they feel. There is no harm letting them express it. Some will grow out of it. Those that are serious their gender is not the same as their genitalia will continue and need a lot of medical assistance to be properly diagnosed and treated. I suggest you check out . They have a very informative channel debunking myths and anti-trans talking points. I have learned a lot. The latest one talks about trans kids so it is about what we are talking about.

      Why are you so hung up on how people dress and clothing in general? It is like the assholes who thought everyone needed to have short hair to be moral or good people. Clothes do not make the person. I recently learned that boys and girls both normally wore dresses, had long hair, and were called girl until about 10 years of age. That was with in the last 200 hundred years of our countries history. It did not change every child to a girl. IF I wear a dress why would that change how I am perceive or how does that change me? Pants are claimed to be men’s clothing by many religions, does a woman wearing pants some how change her gender or her sexual orientation? What is the harm? None!

      Again in your comment you prove my point. It is an act to entertain children and most people do not see it as offensive. They are not claiming to be women, that is the point you seem hung up on. They are not claiming to be you! It is to entertain kids and to spark imaginations.

      Well as for them not needing to be there , it does no harm and your view is in the minority. If you read the article I linked to you would see that they are very popular and getting more so all across the country. Be well. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — November 17, 2019 @ 06:36

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