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November 17, 2019

Robert Reich And The Founding Fathers Speak

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Hello Jill. This post is a great explanation of the thoughts on impeachment and the reasons why our founding fathers included them in our constitution. It seems while they were hoping that the best of us to wanted to be in public service they also wanted to protect the country from the worst of us. To any Toy Box viewer who doesn’t already know about Jill’s blog I strongly recommend you go check her site out. She has a grand diverse section of well researched topics and has a very personable way of writing that keeps you engaged while you absorb the information. Hugs

Filosofa's Word

Many people who support Trump, both in and out of government, claim that what Trump has done is not an impeachable offense.  Some even go so far as to claim his extortion of the Ukrainian president, holding up much-needed military support in exchange for President Zelenskyy announcing he would investigate Trump’s rival Joe Biden, is “business as usual”.  I can talk until I’m blue in the face, and those people will say I’m just a sore loser, still angry because Hillary Clinton didn’t win in 2016.  They’d be wrong … Hillary actually did win by nearly 3 million votes.  The unfair skewing of districts in many states, however, handed Trump enough undeserved electoral votes to carry him into the Oval Office.

But, about impeachment … though I studied Constitutional Law for two years, and have read the Constitution probably 30-40 times, I am not an expert on Constitutional Law. …

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