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November 18, 2019

Centrist policies don’t get anything accomplished or anyone elected.

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The center does not exist politically. Centrist policies don’t get anything accomplished or anyone elected.

The real solution is the progressive Left.


  1. I’m not all that taken with Ms. Ocasio-Cortez. Yes, she’s made a splash. And yes, she’s not afraid to speak her mind. But IMO, I think she could tone it down just a wee bit and make a better impression. Especially on the “older folk” that make up a large percentage of the voters. Again … just my opinion.

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    Comment by Nan — November 18, 2019 @ 11:50

    • Hello Nan. I think what makes her so popular is she has a way with words that puts her critics and the Republican thugs in their place. She really is quick witted. Also she is not … “older” which resonates with the under 50 crowd. OK maybe the under 40 crowd. Ron is 64 and I am 56 and we both have an issue with congress being mostly 60 / 70 /80 year old people. They are stuck in the past with their ideas and cultural understandings. Hell today I read Biden still thinks marijuana is a gateway drug, something that has been disproved since the 1980’s. It clearly seems that there are people in congress / government who still think “Reefer Madness” is a true documentary instead of a farce made up pseudo science that it was. ( remember Jeff Sessions ) I am not ageist but it is time some of these people stepped down and let someone who has not been around since the dawn of civilization take over. Seems the only way these senior people leave congress is in a coffin. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — November 18, 2019 @ 13:08

  2. Yes. Most emphatically yes.

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    Comment by ali redford — November 19, 2019 @ 00:14

    • Hello Ali. When polled on the issues with candidates names not mentioned, the country polls progressive left. The population wants medicare for all, they want increase in minimum wage, government help with education costs, and so much more. Basically people are tired of a constant struggle to live while the wealthy few live lives of great luxury. I do not understand why the Democrats fight this except to get more donations from corporations and wealthy. These issues were a normal stance for Democrats in the 1970’s, but the Democrats moved right over the years not the country. Since the last mid terms we have seen a surge in progressive candidates, the country wants positive change. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — November 19, 2019 @ 03:58

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