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I am watching the impeachment hearing.  I had to go back to the beginning and  start it there as I had to go out this morning.   I love the internet watching as it lets me start, stop, and go back in time to watch things that start before I can get to them.  I have a question listening to Gordon Sondland.  How do stupid people end up so wealthy.  This guy is filthy rich and he sounds dumb as a rock.  Another rich guy slightly smarter than tRump.   Not a high bar.   Hugs

7 thoughts on “How?

  1. Nan says:

    Not so dumb .. just very good at lying.

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Nan. Are you watching his testimony? I have better recall than he does, and I can understand the questions better. He gets so confused he goes off in directions no one is asking about. He either is doing a great con at looking like a dupe, or he is one. Hugs

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      1. Nan says:

        I’m watching off and on. Actually, it wasn’t until I read his opening statement a bit ago that I got a full understanding where he’s coming from. Before doing that, I got the distinct impression he was “avoiding the truth.” But perhaps it’s as you say … he’s just not a very good verbal communicator. From his written words, it seems to me he has dealt a very solid blow at tRumpsky.

        Time will tell.

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        1. Scottie says:

          Hello Nan. Yes he did. The thing is he testified he can not recall details and is not a note taker. He said the state department has frozen him out and he can not access his staff nor any of the documents, emails, or notes of his staff. Remember he is still an ambassador and still employed by the US government / State Department. Why would they have done that if tRump did not do anything wrong and his administration had not tried to pressure Ukraine? I think he is like me, he has not got a great recall and everything he remembers is general and he needs notes and documents for specifics. Not everyone in this world is a mental giant, some of us had too much lead in our water as kid among other things. But yes his testimony has dealt a huge blow to Republicans and they are hammering him now really hard. Hugs

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          1. Nan says:

            One thing I’ve noticed in the Repukes cross-questioning is they rarely QUESTION! They spend the majority of their time is bringing up side issues. They obviously want to AVOID any discussion on the very pointed reason for these hearings.

            I have to leave for a bit now and will have to catch up when I get back. I don’t expect much to change because Sondland has consistently stood by his original statement, but … ya’ never know.

            BTW, did you read where tRumpsky thinks he’s off the hook because of a PORTION of a statement by Sondland? Surprise, Mr. Trump! Surprise!

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            1. Scottie says:

              Hello Nan. Yes the Republicans, like Jim Jordan and Nunes, spend most of their time spinning conspiracy theories. They do not directly address the issues and the idea of tRump demanding any thing of Ukraine or if the money congress had approved was with held. There have been a couple who have badgered the witness enough to get a sound bit they wanted. The whole point is they have to attack the witnesses and the procedure as they can not attack the facts. That is because the facts show tRump committed the crime and he was demanding the Ukrainians announce an investigation a political rival of our current president, which is a crime. One thing I have noticed is the Republicans are talking loud and fast and the Democrats are talking slowly and softly. The Republicans are acting like Ben Shapiro who talks really fast and says things like they are facts yet they are total lies and not true at all.

              The Chairman Schiff is good at calling it back and straightening out the lies of the Republicans. It is getting very interesting. So many of the Republicans are trying to say that Russia did not try to influence our 2016 election. I really wonder why? Is it to please tRump or are they under Russian control? Hugs

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    2. ali redford says:

      Spot on.

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