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November 22, 2019

Republicans are repeating the ‘it wasn’t me’ Russian talking point …

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Republicans are repeating the ‘it wasn’t me’ Russian talking point, while at the same time discrediting 17 US Intelligence Agencies which found Russia, not Ukraine, guilty of attacking the 2016 elections.

Putin owns the soul of the GOP.

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  1. Scottie, it is indeed sad. Fiona Hill declared under oath (apparently being under oath seems irrelevant to some) that some people are parroting Russian disinformation. Not me they cry and your wrong some other cry. Nunes tries to discredit with a report that was discredited Here is a variation of an email I sent to several legislators.

    “We have a national security issue which is right in front of us. I sent the following to my Congressman and select Senators. Please feel free to use and adapt.

    We are not asking enough why questions.

    – why is the president running a shadow diplomacy with Rudy Guiliani, who has not been vetted by the Senate?
    – why does the president ignore the seasoned diplomats and intelligence officials to chase conspiracy theories postulated by editorialists on Fox?
    – why are diligent, experienced, courageous and honorable public servants focusing on helping Ukraine gain better footing, when the president is so focused on his campaign?
    – why is there obstruction of documents and witnesses? The president cries foul, but he is blocking witnesses. He can’t have it both ways.

    As an independent and former Republican voter, I am deeply concerned by what has transpired in the White House with Ukraine. I am also concerned by an over zealous protection of someone who needs greater scrutiny, not less. I fully support the impeachment hearings. What witnesses are testifying under oath at great risk is very troubling.

    It is also troubling that Devin Nunes is leading the GOP efforts. He cited on Thursday a partisan report that GOP Senator Richard Burr asked Nunes and Speaker Paul Ryan not to release as his Senate committee did not agree with its conclusions. Plus, we cannot forget that he had to step down as Chair of this committee as he informed the White House what they were investigating. So, I must confess I feel he lacks credibility and that is unfortunate.

    Help us Americans get to the bottom of this.’


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    Comment by Keith — November 22, 2019 @ 14:39

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