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November 22, 2019

Tired of Republicans excusing tRump’s crimes

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  1. Hi Scottie;
    Dad has this odd little thought: He says that if America is ever invaded, the majority of the citizenry would roll over and show our belly. I have a tendency to agree with him… to a point. See, we have had it hammered into our head that the authorities will handle any issue. Don’t believe me? Try to help out on an accident. You will be shooed away in a hurry, if not arrested outright. Further, he says it is only those who are armed and ready who will stand up and repel the invaders. Again… I agree to a point. Mostly, because most of the people I know who have guns have ammo and have had little to shoot at their entire lives. They would see it as fun.
    Now, how is this relevant? Well, it is my “to a point”s. See, for all of us who have been force fed the “the authorities will handle it” routine, we fully expect the authorities to finally do the right thing. Oh, it may take a minute, but we expect it. And, just as those above who are not “armed and ready” but who will come to the defense of their home if forced, so will the upright citizen come to the point where they have had enough.
    I think that is exceedingly frightening to those in power. See, while the nutballs of the country are screaming and frothing at the mouth about just about anything like the proverbial neighborhood pesty dog, the real concern is the dog that never barks, never growls, deciding something is bad enough to get the hackles up and begin barking and growling, because that dog isn’t doing it for the show.
    So…. to the republicans idiots who have allowed this to happen. Fix this shit before the rest of America has to.

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    Comment by randy — November 22, 2019 @ 10:52

    • Hello Randy. I disagree with you on the issue of the people being able to stand up either to the government or to an invading power. That may have been an option back in the times when the average citizen had the same weapons as the military. Today the balance is shifted so heavy in the military’s favor people would not have a viable chance to challenge the aggressors. However I do think you will have terrorism on steroids. We are already seeing that in our country. It is something we need to fear these days especially when out in public. I do not think the politicians fear the public, especially the Republican politicians. They are too entrenched and enamored in their own power and privilege to care about “the people”. That is the problem. Very few politicians are concerned or care what the people want, they concentrate on pleasing the wealthy donors. But things they are changing. The blue wave in 2018 was an indication that the status quo is not going to be tolerated by the country. It is like in Hong Kong, The protestors are looking at losing all their freedoms and choice if they give in no matter what punishments they face for protesting, so they have to do it. It simply is a matter of life or death for them. Did you see Roger Moore on MSNBC on the Democratic debate? He was fantastic. If the Democrats run a progressive populous that has policies that help the lower incomes and those struggling and they offer a woman or POC we will win. If they go with a moderate that promises no change or someone whose only argument is they are not tRump and will return the country to before tRump we will lose. That is because people to not want to go back to before tRump because even then they were losing ground and struggling. Have a great weekend, we will have to find time to chat. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — November 22, 2019 @ 12:07

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