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December 5, 2019

Her views are horrifying, seeming anti-science and seem to want to return to a time nearly a century in the past.

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Pitlyk fits the mold of many of President Donald Trump’s court picks: young, white and a member of the Federalist Society, a conservative lawyers’ group that has served as a pipeline for judges for this White House. Most Federalist Society-backed nominees also tend to have records of opposing abortion, LGBTQ rights and voting rights.

In private practice and in her work at the Thomas More Society, Pitlyk built a clear record of attacking reproductive rights. She defended anti-abortion activist David Daleiden, who broke federal and state laws by secretly recording and deceptively editing videos that falsely claimed to expose Planned Parenthood’s illegal sale of fetal tissue. She defended Iowa’s six-week abortion ban that was later struck down as unconstitutional. In another case, Pitlyk argued that it is “scientific fact” that “human life begins at the moment when a human sperm fertilizes a human egg.” (It is not scientific fact.)

After losing that case, Pitlyk lamented that “the trial court’s judgment treated the embryonic children as inanimate objects, not human beings with the same interests as other unborn children.”


Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-Calif.) said Pitlyk also filed multiple legal briefs with misinformation about fertility treatments, including the claim that children conceived by IVF have “higher rates of birth defects, genetic disorders and other anomalies.”


  1. they don’t care what the facts are

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    Comment by silverapplequeen — December 5, 2019 @ 09:10

    • Hello silverapplequeen. Very true. I listened to a lawyer give a talk on why this push the last 20 years to stack the courts. Seems the hard right Federalist realized that while the legislator and the presidency keep going back and forth between the parties , the courts have life time appointments. If you can shift the court for a long period you you can control which laws are allowed to stand giving the court the power to rule the country and keep it hard right and block any thing progressive. Interesting. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — December 5, 2019 @ 10:03

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