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December 13, 2019

Cops Break Into Innocent Sleeping Woman’s Home, Shoot Her—Now She Faces Life in Prison

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This police incompetence and disregard for others safety has got to stop.  Read the article, they helped her ex break into her home while she was sleeping, and she is the one on trial.   The police broke ever rule of common sense and what should be proper judgement and now to avoid their own embarrassment are charging the innocent woman.   This happened in Winter Park, Florida About two hours from me.   Hugs

Cops Break Into Innocent Sleeping Woman’s Home, Shoot Her—Now She Faces Life in Prison

Sapp’s nightmare began in September of 2017 as she slept comfortably in her own bed in her own home. Instead of waking up to her alarm that fateful morning, Sapp would wake up to multiple shadowy figures surrounding her in her bedroom, pulling off her covers, yelling at her, tasering her, and eventually, shooting her.

Sapp is so confident that she did nothing wrong that she went on camera recently with News 6 Orlando to tell her side of the story. It is nothing short of shocking. She says the entire incident began because her disgruntled ex-boyfriend used a police welfare check to deliberately harm her. It worked.

“He used this wellness check as a way to put me in harm’s way,” she said.

Indeed, instead of actually investigating the situation by knocking on the door, calling her, or any other number of non-violent means, cops helped this man — who did not live in the house and could have been anyone — break in to her home and then shoot this woman on his behalf.

Instead of shooting her, one cop deployed his taser. Marcum, apparently scared of his own shadow then did what the other officers in the room never felt necessary: he pulled out his gun and put a bullet into Sapp.

This innocent woman, who had harmed no one, was asleep in her own bedroom, and did nothing wrong, was then shot in the shoulder and arrested.


  1. This is outrageous! All I can say is I hope there’s more to the story that what your posted.

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    Comment by Nan — December 13, 2019 @ 12:09

    • Hello Nan. Did you read the news article? The cops got played. The EX claimed she was suicidal and had guns and wanted to die by shooting a cop. The cops met him at the house and he showed them how to sneak in by crawling through a window. So because they were totally embarrassed to be used like that , they charged the woman. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — December 13, 2019 @ 17:10

  2. […] help him break into his ex-girlfriend’s house, surprise her sleeping in bed, shoot her, then charge her with multiple felonies. She apparently woke without her glasses, saw multiple male figures in her room, and reached for a […]

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