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December 14, 2019


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Milo has been with me since 2010.   I say me because it is clear he thinks I am his special pet.   He is the one that sleeps on my pillow and is next to me most of the time on my desk.   Ron and James used to lament that while Milo will swipe at them claws out and has bitten them he won’t do that to me.   

I think a few minutes ago I sort of got the idea why I do not fear him biting or cutting me.   I sleep with his paws on my face so if he was going to hurt me he could at any time.   Earlier today we got a delivery from Amazon and I put the box on the floor for Milo, he loves boxes, he gets in them and claws the cardboard all to heck.   This time when he went to do that something went wrong.   

I was sitting at my desk reading the comments on Nan’s blog and heard Milo start to cat scream.  I quickly looked over and he was in the box and his claw(s) was caught.   It clearly was painful and he was upset.   I rushed over to him and he was telling the whole world it hurt.   I reached in and went to put my hands around him.   He started to thrash his head back and forth.   Don’t touch me it hurts he was crying.   I knew I had to even if he bit me because it was the only way to help him.  

Trust.   A wonderful thing.  I reached in and wrapped my hands around his chest, his head dashed to the left hitting my left hand hard with his mouth.   His closed mouth.   He never opened his mouth.   I gently pulled him up and forward releasing his claws.   He stopped yelling and I set him on the ground.   He started doing the cat I love you bumps on my hands and legs.   Trust.   I trusted he wouldn’t bite me, he trusted I would help him.   Trust.  It can be a good thing.   Hugs


  1. Yep, they know.

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    Comment by john zande — December 14, 2019 @ 18:42

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