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January 15, 2020

This should be illegal

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Dick Cheney was CEO of Halliburton.

Republicans are War, Inc.


  1. Scottie, as we have discussed, Dick Cheney added language to the 2005 Energy Act to not require frackers to comply with the Safe Drinking Water Act or Clean Air Act. Halliburton is in the oil and natural gas retrieval business. Unethical? Amoral? Illegal? Yes to the first two and it is certainly not protecting people. Keith

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    Comment by Keith — January 15, 2020 @ 15:12

    • Hello Keith. Yes I remember the no bid contracts given to Halliburton during the W Bush administration. I never understood why people couldn’t see the corruption. I realize now I was fighting ideology and triblizim. My question is how to work / word our laws to stop this from happening and still make it fair for all political parties? I am saying this back room self dealing needs to stop for the good of the country and the good of the people, but I want the laws to be fairly applied to all people, all politicians, and not targeting to groups the Democrats don’t like or the Republicans favor. Or am I asking for something too extreme in our country today? Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — January 15, 2020 @ 15:33

  2. Scottie, I do not how much of movie “Vice” is true with Christian Bale playing Cheney, but what I remember was Cheney got around the rule of having a DOE person present when they spoke with the fossil fuel industry, by having a newly hired receptionist sitting in the corner as they discussed the language and policy the industry wanted Cheney to push. Given what transpired with the 2005 Energy Act language, which is factual, I do not find it hard to believe the movie narrative.

    What is also frustrating is Haliburton is one of the culprits behind the Horizon push to drill that caused the explosion. BP took most of the blame, but they were not the only ones involved. Keith

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    Comment by Keith — January 16, 2020 @ 13:09

    • Hello Keith. So True. It seems the only way to get back to good governing is to somehow stop the revolving door between congress and lobbying,and then to restrain the big money donations. Citizens United has caused a lot of harm in a short time to the country. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — January 16, 2020 @ 17:22

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