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January 15, 2020

Trump cannot be shamed because he is shameless.

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It’s called “grooming” and it’s what abusers do.

There is no bottom with @realDonaldTrump. He does it to see how much he can push his enablers toward accepting ever worse behavior. Each instance increases his power over them.

Trump cannot be shamed because he is shameless.


  1. Good title and spot on! The mind of tRump is a mind of madness. His compulsive narcissism is spectacular in its dimensions! GROG

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    Comment by grogalot — January 15, 2020 @ 11:32

    • Hello grogalot. I agree. I think he will be mentioned in many mental health text books and they may have to add more categories just for him. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — January 15, 2020 @ 11:35

      • And he’ll love it! All that attention! Whoopie!

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        Comment by Nan — January 15, 2020 @ 13:56

        • Hello Nan. Yes, I have heard that kids will take bad attention over no attention at all, it seems tRump is one of those small kids. Hugs

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          Comment by Scottie — January 15, 2020 @ 14:24

  2. Off topic, Scottie, but did you ever subscribe to Heather Cox Richard’s newsletter? If you haven’t, please consider it. I think it’s well worth adding to — or even replacing — some of your existing news accounts. She seems to have a lot of “inside information” on some of the stuff that’s going on. For example, in her latest report she lays out a plethora of information on the Parnes texts that were just released. I haven’t seen any of this in the news sources I follow.

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    Comment by Nan — January 15, 2020 @ 14:53

    • Hello Nan. Yes I did. Thank you very much for pointing out her blog to me. I did not subscribe because that comes in emails and I often miss them so I added her blog to my morning read folder. While her blog is at the bottom of the list it means she is on my daily radar. I did not get that far today. ( I woke up very late for me at 4:45 ) But tomorrow I should be able to catch up. The thing I like about her news roundups is she covers a bunch of topics but gives the details so you are not left feeling you need to look them up to understand what she is saying. Anytime you feel there is a post I should read or a topic I should know about, please keep sending me links and reminders.
      Learning is so important to me, trying to absorb as much as I can is something I enjoy. I do admit I often have to reread the same information a few times to get it locked in the sieve that is my brain but I do like knowing about things and reading them. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — January 15, 2020 @ 15:20

  3. Scottie, I called Congressman Paul Gosar after he shared a doctored photograph and showed disdain for the reporter who unearthed his deception. I told a staff member for Gosar that this was poor form and we need our legislators to be our better angels. But, the president does the same thing often and using your words is “shameless.”

    To be brutally frank, taking Donald J. Trump at his word is a fool’s errand. And, that is sad to say about the president of the US. As we have said, I do not believe a word the president says. 63% of the world agrees with me, a worse rating than known untruthful people Putin and Xi. Keith

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    Comment by Keith — January 15, 2020 @ 15:09

    • Hello Keith. Thank you. I can not find a flaw nor argue with your comment. Now how to make the former Republican party now the cult of tRump members see the truth of what you wrote? Thanks Keith. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — January 15, 2020 @ 15:24

      • Scottie, watching the impeachment proceedings start in the Senate, the thought came to me the significant majority of people in the room know the president is at fault, especially with the obstruction charges which he did out in the open. We just need to call and post emails to the Senators that we are very concerned, the diplomats who testified under oath at great risk were exemplars, and the president clearly is obstructing justice. Say you would like to see more witnesses in the know, because it appears the president is guilty of what he is accused of.

        I have a question for Lindsey Graham – he said he will be biased, so when the Chief Justice asks them to take an oath to be impartial, will he be lying? Keith

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        Comment by Keith — January 16, 2020 @ 13:15

        • Hello Keith. I wonder if at this point the Republican Senators are willing to even listen. They know how vote for them and they know what will happen if the cross tRump. I have given up writing to the Republican Senators here in Florida where I live, they simply blow it off. The few times I have tried to call Rubio’s office, when they ask my information they ask me which party I am registered in and then basically blow me off on the phone. It is like if you are not a Republican calling they simply don’t care what you think. So what more can I do? Hugs


          Comment by Scottie — January 16, 2020 @ 17:27

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