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January 18, 2020

BUSTED: National Archives caught doctoring exhibit to remove criticism of President Trump from women

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BUSTED: National Archives caught doctoring exhibit to remove criticism of President Trump from women

The National Archives were caught editing an artifact from the Trump administration to remove criticism of the president, according to a bombshell new report in The Washington Post.

“The Archives acknowledged in a statement this week that it made multiple alterations to the photo of the 2017 Women’s March showcased at the museum, blurring signs held by marchers that were critical of Trump. Words on signs that referenced women’s anatomy were also blurred,” the paper explained.

“A placard that proclaims ‘God Hates Trump’ has ‘Trump’ blotted out so that it reads ‘God Hates.’ A sign that reads ‘Trump & GOP — Hands Off Women’ has the word Trump blurred out,” The Post explained.

The word “vagina” was also blurred out.

“There’s no reason for the National Archives to ever digitally alter a historic photograph,” Brinkley explained. “If they don’t want to use a specific image, then don’t use it. But to confuse the public is reprehensible. The head of the Archives has to very quickly fix this damage. A lot of history is messy, and there’s zero reason why the Archives can’t be upfront about a photo from a women’s march.”

Purdue University Professor Wendy Kline also blasted the National Archives for doctoring the photo.

“Doctoring a commemorative photograph buys right into the notion that it’s okay to silence women’s voice and actions,” Kline told the newspaper. “It is literally erasing something that was accurately captured on camera. That’s an attempt to erase a powerful message.”

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