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January 20, 2020

I still prefer Warren, but will easily vote for Sanders if he is the nominee

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  1. I’m just glad I don’t live in Iowa because right at this particular moment in time, I’m not overly thrilled with any of them. Although I DO prefer the younger candidates. That’s all I’m going to say.

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    Comment by Nan — January 20, 2020 @ 12:16

    • Hello Nan. I feel it is OK to disagree on which candidates we prefer and to be willing to both listen and talk about why we have our preferences. I have heard that two topics people shouldn’t talk about are politics and religion. I think in a democracy we must talk about politics, it is a duty if we are to keep being a democracy. While we don’t have to agree, we should be able to disagree civilly and make our points with evidence and reason. You may have a different candidate you prefer, and that is OK. In a primary that is best. We vote for the candidate we prefer, we want, and then in the general we vote for what is best for the nation. I also wish there was a younger progressive. If Pete had not changed from what he started to be, a full progressive, and turned into a raging moderate young mimi Biden I would be full on for him. But how easily he turned, how fast he went for the big money has spoiled him for me. It tells me his ambition is far out weights his principles. Hugs

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      Comment by Scottie — January 20, 2020 @ 12:45

      • Oh my! I can’t think of a worse insult at this point in time than to call Pete a “mini-Biden.” He may have changed his original platform … and it may be more moderate now (which may work against him in some circles) — but please! Do not compare him to Biden. Please!

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        Comment by Nan — January 20, 2020 @ 13:20

        • Hello Nan. 😀😁😃 Ok I will agree if you will tell me how he is different than Biden policy wise? If you can show me how Pete is not trying to take over the Biden lane of moderate politics I am willing to listen. Hugs

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          Comment by Scottie — January 20, 2020 @ 14:20

          • Scottie, my primary reason for disliking Biden is the same reason I’m not thrilled with Sanders … they’re TOO OLD!

            I admit I haven’t looked that closely at Pete’s policy positions … I’ve just listened to him during the debates and haven’t heard anything that concerns me all that much. I know you don’t like his health insurance stance … but as you’ve discerned by now, I’m not as “into” MFA as you are. I agree it’s something we need but as I’ve already expressed … I have my doubts it’s going to fly. Pete supports it but not as a “requirement” and I tend to agree with his position.

            I haven’t looked into anything related to Biden because IMO he simply doesn’t have any new ideas. He’s simply building on Obama’s popularity. AND … he’s TOO OLD! 😉

            Unfortunately, you know as well as I do that when push comes to shove, it’s probably going to be Biden. Sanders is making some in-roads and it could very well be down to Biden and him during the final push, but …

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            Comment by Nan — January 20, 2020 @ 14:43

            • Hello Nan. I agree with a lot of your assessment. What bothered me what Pete came out strong for Medicare for all, Then after a well documented meeting with big Pharma suddenly reversed himself. At the same time his campaign got a huge money infusion? He is on recorded championing Sanders ideas before this campaign, he wrote about how he admires and agrees with Sanders goals and ideas. Now he turns from them? It smacks of being bought. Just like what is coming out of his winning the Mayorship of South Bend. The entire police scandal was demanded by his donors and he did it to please them. That scares me about him. Hugs


              Comment by Scottie — January 20, 2020 @ 14:56

              • Point taken.

                But let me add … if he hadn’t gotten that “money infusion,” he would still be down at the bottom of the polls and may not have even qualified for the debates — which would mean he most likely would be pulling out like some other candidates have done. I’m NOT saying it was a good thing. But like everything else … money talks.

                And one more thing … there’s always the possibility that once he got into office he could carry out his original policies. Someone else we know managed to say one thing and do something else once he stepped into the Oval Office.

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                Comment by Nan — January 20, 2020 @ 15:04

                • Hello Nan. Great points. It is like SCOTUS appointments who turn out not as partisan as those of the party that appointed then wanted. Hugs

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                  Comment by Scottie — January 20, 2020 @ 15:43

            • Oh Nan. I am not sure it will be Biden. The corporate media is pushing that yet polling around the country shows people don’t want his this back to the 1980’s ideas. The country is hungry for progressive advancement. tRump rode that and people bought his lies. But the desire for the people to have it better is not gone. Hugs

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              Comment by Scottie — January 20, 2020 @ 14:59

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