3 thoughts on “Fragile whiteness does not serve country, it only self serves their racist narratives and projected fears.

  • Seems to me that rather than “cringe and laugh” they would be disgusted and angry. Too bad more ex-servicepeople don’t publicly speak up about these “costumes.”

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    • Hello Nan. I understand your point. For the last few years I have argued with a couple of bloggers on police actions and powers. I used my own experiences. As you know most of my working life I carried a gun as part of my job, first as a soldier and then as a sheriff deputy / private investigator / nuclear armed security officer. I was very well trained in how to handle my self, how to deescalate a situation, how and when to use my firearm, and with the idea that to pull it meant I was going to take a life. I carried a lot of non-lethal weapons and was expected to use them first. I still practice with my PR-24 riot baton I keep beside my bed. That is the best close quarter weapon one could ever want. That’s the way I was trained. You did not pull your gun unless you intended to use it. If you use it , you use it to kill because it was that important. In my time as an officer back in the 1990’s we were expected to take insults, being yelled at, to be disrespected, and still get the job we had to do done and never lose our own temper or cool. We were not the important thing, doing our job professionally was. Back then there was no cell phones but we all were taught that we could be photographed at any time.

      My point is none of these want to be weekend warriors who think they are going to be the stars of the resistance when the rebellion comes could have done my job for a week, and most wouldn’t have passed the employment testing. Hugs

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