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Again a Christian politician trying to ram their church doctrines in to everyone else’s lives.   They don’t care about anyone’s rights or freedoms only about enforcing their religion on everyone.   I am not going to pull any quotes as the story is from different news sources and each has great information.   Please go to the link and see what this guy and those like him want to do.   Jail librarians for having guys dress up and read stories to kids.   The fact other parents are fine with it and want their kids to be there, this guy knows better because his god.     Hugs

MISSOURI: GOP Bill Would Jail Librarians Over Drag Queen Story Hour, Drag Queens To Protest At Capitol

4 thoughts on “MISSOURI: GOP Bill Would Jail Librarians Over Drag Queen Story Hour, Drag Queens To Protest At Capitol

  1. Nan says:

    These people’s rose-colored glasses really need cleaning!

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Nan. I still have not heard one of these people give me a good reason why they want this stopped. They do not say what the harm is? I think it is simply because the kids are able to use their imagination and learning that guys in colorful costumes are not scare and can be fun. Besides, a bunch of Christian religions have men in colorful dresses and get ups.
      Either way it makes religious people scared and I wonder why? Does a man in a colorful costume make their god cry? People in movies must really get their god hysterical with all the costumes and colorful clothing. Why? Hugs


      1. Nan says:

        It’s called brainwashing, Scottie. They have been persuaded that any man who puts on feminine clothing (for ANY reason) is obviously a fag. They are simply unable to think beyond the indoctrination that is put forth every time they enter a church building.

        I don’t know if you’re familiar with “Becky,” but she’s been contributing quite a bit on Gary’s blog. She’s what would be considered (by some) a “nominal” Christian in that she tends to have a more liberal bent to her religious thinking. Yet even with her, there’s that persuasion that “God” is watching and so we need to live “pure” (based on interpretation) lives. To my knowledge, she’s never been asked how she feels about LGBTQ … but I have a hunch.

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        1. Scottie says:

          Hello Nan. It is a shame that there is such an indoctrination of hate in religions. It seems to start with the leaders own dislikes and then reinforce the dislikes of the rest. Peer pressure will ensure even those who don’t hate will go along with the leadership and the haters.

          No I am not aware of Becky. Hugs


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