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The Many Things In My Toy Box ….my view may change due to verifiable evidence

Hello Everyone of you grand and happy people.   I just got home in time to watch the starting of the last day of the House side of the impeachment trial opening statements.   I left the house at about 9:15 AM to take the car to the dealership.   About every 3 months or so they send us a card to bring the car in for the auto butler program.   They wash it really well and then fix any paint spots and then give it a new coating of clear coat.   It really makes it look brand new.   Plus we also have them do the oil changes then even though it never really needs it, plus the stuff that they do every time we bring it in, rotate the tires and check the fluids / brakes / and all that stuff.    It takes between three to four hours.  Ron was going to take it in but he had stuff to do so I did it.   The dealership service area is really nice, they have free water , chips, cookies, and other stuff.   They are really nice and helpful.   The chairs are padded but they are simply waiting room chairs.  There are a lot of chairs along the walls and throughout the large room.   They have four round tables with chairs and 6 high sitting chairs along one wall, and a seperate room for people with children.   They are very attentive including sending you a text as soon as you sign in so if you need to talk to the attendant organizing the servicing on your car you can reach them, Plus there is a concierge ready to help you in the waiting room itself.   This entire service is part of a deal we made when we bought the car, so it is at no additional cost.   

I mention all this to explain that it is not their fault I am in serious pain.  I can not complain about the time they took, they did a great job and they even got it done a little early for me.   But sitting there in those chairs was driving me out of my mind.   I moved from a chair along the wall to one at the table and that was a help.   But when it came time to get back into the car I couldn’t get my leg up high enough to get into it.   Normally I hold my cane in my left hand, hold the steering wheel with my right and use both to steady me and raise my right leg in first and then slide the rest of me into the seat.   However I was having a hard time, and the attendant who escorted me to the car was getting worried and asked if I needed assistance.   Not sure he thought that through, was he going to kneel down and lift my leg for me in such close quarters?   That would have been uncomfortable for both of us. 😃😀😜  I instead turned and lowered my self in backward and then turned facing forward bringing my legs into to the car as I turned.    Ron is cooking lunch and doing the laundry as I am in no shape to do much but sit watching the impeachment hearing and cursing at Republicans.   I tried to blog from the dealership but my WordPress password wouldn’t work. 😢😖🤬  I hope to catch up now.    Hugs


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