3 thoughts on “There is a difference

    • Scottie January 24, 2020 / 14:36

      Hello Nan. Do you think the evangelicals message has been forever tarnished by their support of tRump? After tRump is out of office, will the evangelicals try to go back to telling the rest of us how immoral we are and insist we live according to their doctrines of right and wrong that tRump clearly violates? Hugs


      • Nan January 24, 2020 / 15:52

        Scottie, they’ve been doing that all along. They’ve just become more vocal since tRumpsky has supported their hypocrisy. And IMO, once he’s out of office and a bit of time passes, they may actually admit the “error of their ways.” Probably not in a big public way, but subtly, under-cover, among the flock, they will attempt to “cover their sins.”

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