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The report is so mind-blowing on so many levels it’s hard to separate out which part is worse. That the dictatorial ruler of one of the world’s richest countries committed a major cyber-crime that could also have sparked a blackmail campaign against an American billionaire? Or that the underlying crime that triggered this was the violent murder and dismemberment by bone saw of a U.S.-based columnist for the Washington Post? Or that, under the bended-knee pro-Saudi lapdoggery of President Trump, the United States not only isn’t investigating or even responding to an all-out foreign attack on American press freedom, but has rewarded MBS’ blood-drenched regime with a mercenary army of U.S. troops and our nuclear secrets?
Trump-Saudi-Khashoggi-Post-Bezos-Enquirer nexus is, arguably, the worst-of-the-worst, betraying how an unfit president has sold out U.S. policy — and even our young troops — to murderous dictators while championing the obliteration of the civil liberties like press freedom that might restrain tyranny in America and in our so-called allies.

2 thoughts on “tRump sent US military to guard their oil fields for them

  1. Nan says:

    This information needs to be spread far and wide!

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Nan. I guess this is the Republican version of supporting the troops? The idea that Jared Kushner’s phone is complete compromised is not unreasonable. The Saudi’s bailed out Kushner’s family’s bad money problems with one of their big buildings in NY city, the Saudi’s loaned Kushner’s business a lot of money. Then suddenly the Saudi’s were given access to classified nuclear technology that until then had been restricted from them. The giving them the tech was against the intel agencies recommendations, The white House tried to do keep the congress from finding out and when they did they went ahead against the wishes of congress. Hugs

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