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Slide 9 of 50: David Horsey/Seattle Times

Slide 14 of 50: Drew Sheneman/The Star-Ledger

Political Cartoon


Lives and lies for country


Slide 6 of 50: Joel Pett/Lexington Herald Leader

Slide 8 of 50: Scott Stantis/Chicago Tribune

Political Cartoon

Political Cartoon

4 thoughts on “Daily morning cartoon / meme roundup: The Republican view of the presidency

  1. Nan says:

    Hillary Clinton needs to mind her own business!

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    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Nan. Yes. I think Hillary is great at policy, but she is so disliked that she should retire behind the scenes. I understand she is bitter and wants to lash out, I understand the corporate media and corporate Democrats are scared of Bernie, but the people seem to want him. Lets not destroy our own candidates. Besides Bernie held 39 rallies for Hillary during the general. It was far more than the 12 she did for Obama when she lost the nomination to him. Hugs


      1. Nan says:

        She’s definitely a sore loser.

        As I’ve noted before, I’m not all that excited about Bernie, but if he can overtake Biden I would be totally thrilled. However, as you pointed out, he’s not necessarily in the good graces of the corporate Democrats so it’s anybody’s guess what will happen as we get closer to November.

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        1. Scottie says:

          Hello Nan. I am worried. The most active and excited part of the Democratic party is the progressive wing. It is the populous side of our party and it is clearly growing. Yet it is fought by all the older corporate Democrats in power, for example Pelosi has repeatedly talked down the progressive wing while feeling pressure to give into their demands. It seems to me the older settled comfortable members of the party want to put the brakes on anything that might change things too much. But that is a normal reaction of an older group of people. We all understand that. Yet that is a dying part of the Democratic party, just like it is a dying part of the Republican party. The country is changing and has been for decades, but because these older congress people refuses to step aside or step down the country is stuck in a war of one group wanting to stay in the comfortable past and the other group wanting to move into a progressive future. Legalizing recreational marijuana is one example. We now know as the studies have been done, it is not as harmful as claimed, it is not super dangerous, it is what the country wants, and people have been doing it illegally for decades while mostly black people are punished for it. Yet even while other states are legalizing it and reaping the benefits, states with older or racist Republican populations are doubling down trying to keep the status quo, and I have to ask why? Is it not time the attitudes of the 1950’s or 1980’s go quietly into the rest they deserve and let the new social understandings of the 2010’s and 2020’s come into their own? This is the question all countries face at some time, yet while even the Catholic church has mandatory retirement ages we let our governing bodies have people so old they need to be wheeled in to the chamber only to vote and taken out again. I am talking about Strom Thurmond. 101 and totally not in his right mind he was kept on because it gave control to the most conservative hateful wing of congress. How many congress members have died of old age in office? It is a shame on our country. In a time when I am of an age where my doctors are all younger than me, the actors on the shows I watch are younger than me, the people waiting on me in stores and cashing me out are all younger than me ( except for one 72 year old that should be able to retire and is on oxygen but for some reason needs to keep working , and thankfully the company lets her. BUT SHE SHOULDN’T HAVE TOO ) At a time when I am growing older and looking fondly back on the things I have done in my life, why are the people in our congress far older than I am? Why is their long outdated ideas and morals that long since been replaced still being enforced? In local stores I find that because I use a cane and sometimes have trouble either walking or bending younger people will rush to do things for me. The staff will get things for me without me needing to go get them, or a person seeing me struggle with a heavy object ( like cases of bottled water, they are too large and heavy for me ) will come over and get them and put them into my cart. Why are we denying these people the right to be a majority in the government that decides all aspects of the laws they live under?

          Wow quite a rant. Hope you were able to read it all until the end. It is really a bug up my butt this issue. I look forward to any comments on this. Hugs


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