Fox News is covering Trump’s impeachment trial — but with no audio of evidence from Democrats

Fox News

  • Fox News in its prime-time evening coverage of impeachment proceedings is playing testimony by top Democrats with no sound, and adding live spin from Trump allies.
  • In his show, Sean Hannity assured viewers that the proceedings weren’t worth watching and attacked them as “24 hours of never-ending babbling, repetitive talking points.”
  • Fox News has long been accused of being an unofficial communications arm of the Trump White House, and its coverage of the impeachment proceedings is leading the ratings.

The network has made the decision not to broadcast live footage of the historic impeachment proceedings during the evening, instead broadcasting its regular schedule of hosts discussing the day’s events with guests.

Aaron Rupar, who covers politics at Vox, noted that in its prime-time early evening show — The Five — the segments on the day’s impeachment proceedings had no audio of Democrats laying out their case against the president. Instead, allies of the president present their defense of Trump while the footage silently plays.

Fox News’ decision to stick to its regular schedule has been a ratings winner so far, with 4 million tuning in for Hannity’s show Wednesday, according to data from Nielsen. 

In recent months the president has launched a string of attacks against Fox News, accusing the network of turning against him.

But it’s likely that he would have little complaint of its coverage of his impeachment trial so far.

More at the link above.   Hugs

8 thoughts on “Fox News is covering Trump’s impeachment trial — but with no audio of evidence from Democrats

  1. Keith January 25, 2020 / 08:53

    Note to Sean Hannity. Not covering the trial is prima facie evidence that Fox News thinks the president is guilty. Mr. Hannity, here is a question for you. If Trump’s call was so perfect, why did his staff try to bury it? If you want another, why did the GAO say Trump’s withholding of the aid to Ukraine was improper? If you want a third, why would Urkaine leaders meet with Lev Parnas if they did not feel he had the “juice?” As an American citizen, I would like to hear answers to those questions. Call me crazy. Keith

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    • Nan January 25, 2020 / 12:13

      Your “note” to Hannity sums it up perfectly.

      Pity that the Faux News viewers believe Hannity ahead of qualified attorneys. Wonder how many know he worked as a general contractor before entering radio and TV (Wikipedia)? The most he can offer for credentials is he’s a “political commentator.”

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      • Scottie January 25, 2020 / 18:11

        Hello Nan. Do you know his education level? I heard he is a repeat collage drop out. He just couldn’t handle college level work. Hugs


        • Nan January 25, 2020 / 18:55

          According to Wikipedia he attended Catholic schools and then 3 different universities but did not graduate. Based on this, I would say what you heard is quite probable/possible.

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          • Scottie January 26, 2020 / 03:42

            Hello Nan. Yet the cult thinks he is the second smartest person on earth, second only to the Dear Leader. Hugs

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    • Scottie January 25, 2020 / 12:14

      Hello Keith. I would like to get answers to those questions, but Hannity wouldn’t even talk to people like you or me. He is a multimillionaire because he spouts far right hate speech. The GAO said it was illegal which means tRump committed a crime. Which shoots down one of the Republican talking points that he is being impeached without committing a crime. Not that the true seems to matter with them. Hugs


      • Keith January 25, 2020 / 17:49

        Scottie, do you know if Adam Schiff mentioned the GAO findings? I watched (or heard) about three hours of the trial. Keith

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        • Scottie January 26, 2020 / 03:40

          Hello Keith. Yes he mentioned it. It did not matter as the defence team just repeated the lie that tRump committed no crime. The defence team seems to be playing to the news media, certainly to State Propaganda TV for sound bites. They are not even addressing the reality of what was done, just some fantasy. Plus Schiff gave a list of what the defence would claim and so far he was correct. They kept repeating the transcript ( it was a summery not a transcript ) shows that there was no extortion, tRump only cared about corruption which he has a duty to do, and that Ukraine did not only not know the money was held up, but that they said they felt no pressure. All addressed and proven false. Hugs


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