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“Donald Trump doesn’t want witnesses…and new information and documentation,” Brown said, “Therefore, Mitch McConnell who is Donald Trump’s lap dog doesn’t want information and witnesses; therefore, 52 other relatively spineless republicans don’t want witnesses, don’t want information. They’re scared.”

“I talk to Republicans all the time quietly, individually. Many of them tell me that Trump’s a liar. A few said Trump’s a racist,” he continued. “They’re all afraid of him. They’re afraid he’ll campaign against them in their state. They’re afraid he’ll attach a nasty nickname to them. In this chamber, it’s like the Iraq war when I was in the House 15 years ago.”

“Fear does the business. Republicans are afraid of what Donald Trump will do,” he said.

2 thoughts on “Sen. Sherrod Brown Rips ‘Spineless Republicans’, Trump’s ‘Lapdog’ McConnell

  1. Nan says:

    Such a sad commentary of our political system.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Scottie says:

      Hello Nan. Yes that many admit privately what they are terrified of saying publicly as leaders of the country is a horrible indictment. How many other civilizations have died due to this very same thing? How can the people have faith in the government? Hugs


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