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February 13, 2020

Experts: Time Is Running Out To Stop A Dictatorship

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Experts: Time Is Running Out To Stop A Dictatorship

Business Insider reports:

If Americans are concerned that President Donald Trump and Republicans are moving the US toward becoming a one-party, authoritarian state, they are running out of time to stop them, experts warned. Trump has exhibited autocratic impulses since his 2016 campaign and from the moment he entered the White House.

The president has attacked virtually every democratic institution in the US when he’s felt its actions were unfavorable to his agenda or public appearance. Meanwhile, he pushed traditional US allies away while openly embracing many of the world’s most repressive leaders.


  1. Really? A dictatorship?.. Explain…

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    Comment by Dylan Shetler — February 13, 2020 @ 17:28

    • Hello Dylan. Did you read the article?

      These trends have raised concern among top experts on authoritarianism, fascism, and democracy, but they’ve often said that the robust political system in the US, with its checks and balances and constitutional norms, has prevented Trump from becoming a full-blown authoritarian and doing whatever he wants.

      Read it and get back to me. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — February 13, 2020 @ 17:37

      • Hi Scottie, I read the article. I don’t think perceive that president Trump is an Authoritarian, he hasn’t done anything to insinuate or establish that he is one. Anyway, I will change the subject, because I’m quite aware of the high levels of contempt you have for the president, whereas I think the complete opposite of him (obviously). What do think about this years general election? Will Bernie be the Dems nominee, and do you sense that the Democratic Party is losing political steam with voters?
        All the best Scottie,

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        Comment by Dylan Shetler — February 14, 2020 @ 14:45

        • Hello Dylan. I will address the items in your comment but first I want to explain my contempt for tRump and why I think you should also hold him in contempt. My husband worked for tRump as his night time butler at Mar-a-Largo. We seen the real person he is. He is contemptible, a criminal, and he is a racist bigot. No matter how wrong he was no one was allowed to tell him so, no one could tell him no. He was / is deeply involved with the mob in New England. He wanted illegal sex acts done in the Spa, and the director of the spa resigned over it. He ran many scams that he has had to pay fines / fees for when the courts made judgements against him. He ran a scam charity he used illegally to pay those fines and fees. He would hire contractors and not pay them, sometimes driving those people out of business. But even worse is something that should really bother you as a Christian, he brags about bargeing in unannounced into the dressing rooms of the Teen Miss USA pageant to deliberately look at underage girls nude or other states of undress. He has bragged about seeing their breasts and other private parts. He bragged in the Access Hollywood tape about grabbing women by the pussy and because he was a celebrity he felt he could get away with it. I don’t know if you have a younger sister, but how would you feel towards a man who barged into a dressing room knowing she was nude to oogle her? Would you respect him or hold him in contempt? What if some man groped your mother and felt he had a right to do so, would you respect him? I would like an answer please.

          If you read the article you can see the many ways he emulates other world dictators. He is doing these things right now. So if that is what they are doing and he is doing it, it is reasonable to say he is also trying to run our government as an authoritarian. Would you say Putin in Russia or Xi Jinping in China are authoritarians? tRump is doing the very same things they do. tRump is using the power of the government to help himself and his friends while oppressing his enemies. That is undeniable. The DOJ investigating his “enemies” and helping the many convicted criminals associated with him to receive lower sentences and favorable conditions. He has done his best to undermine the free press, a free press being needed to protect democracy. There are more examples as the article showed, and other articles I have posted prove out. There is no doubt he is doing these things. So reason says the label authoritarian fits him well.

          Ah Dylan, I think you need to widen your information database. The second part of your question simply doesn’t fit the facts. But let’s start with Bernie. It is very possible Bernie will be the Democratic nominee. It is very possible he could go to the convention with more delegates but not enough to win outright, which would lead to a brokered convention. All the polling shows the majority of the country agrees with the positions of the Democrats on issues. For example if you leave the party or name off the question and just ask people if they want universal healthcare or Medicaid For All the majority by a wide margin poll yes. Same with state paid college, and canceling student loans. When polled on raising the minimum wage nearly the entire country want this, and 92% ( the last figure I seen ) want more restrictive gun control measures. You would say tRump ran as a populist correct? People in the country want a populist because they are tired of decades of being ground down and losing ground economically. The fact is people in the country are hurting. The costs of things have risen too far too fast but wages have not. Life for most people has become a struggle to just survive for most of the country. People are tired of having to work multiple jobs with no benefits, tired of worrying about themselves or their children getting sick or injured because they have no healthcare coverage and can not afford it even if they do. So populist candidates are very popular in our country right now. Oh and tRump has been recording saying Bernie was the one he feared most running against in 2016.

          As to the Democrats losing steam with the voters? No I don’t see it. Again for the reasons above, but also the polls. The polls show that tRump has a consistent base of about 40% of the country that will vote for him no matter what. He barely won the electoral college with about 77,000 votes spread across three states. The Democrats ran a candidate with 30 years of baggage and Republican attacks on her. Right wing media ran constant false advertising about her. How many times did we get told she was dying? How many times were we told she committed crimes of one type or another. Remember the pizzagate controversy endorsed by the right? So tRump won. Can 40% do it again? I think 2018 showed the surging strength of women and POC voters even as Republicans do everything they can to suppress voting and gerrymandering. The Republican loses in 2018 were staggering. If the pattern holds the Republicans will lose badly again. Would you say Texas is a deeply red state who will vote for tRump? Well Ron was talking to his sister, who lives in Texas, yesterday and she told him some very interesting things. His sister and her husband are big time Republicans. She told Ron that the majority of people are not going to support tRump. His policy of taking land through eminent domain has made him very unpopular. Most presidents try to expand their base to include other groups while in office, tRump has not, instead he has narrowed down to his base only. Lastly while the polls have shifted weekly, they do show almost every Democrat running beating tRump in the general. However time will tell as tRump has lots of money and plans on dirty tricks including a billion dollars of FaceBook advertisements with outright lies. He also has has asked foreign governments to assist him getting reelected.

          I hope these answered your questions. I look forward to your response / reply to them. Be well, Hugs


          Comment by Scottie — February 15, 2020 @ 04:36

          • Hi Scottie, thanks for the rather lengthy reply. I apologize for the considerable time it took me to respond, and I hope you’ll find what I have to say interesting.
            Trump has a reputation in the world, and it’s not very pretty. You mentioned a multitude of negative things that he has done, and yes some of them are very terrible, but truthfully, terrible things are to be expected from “ALL” humans (since we are ALL perfectly imperfect). This said, I still would vote for him in 2020 (If I was old enough) with my parents, because he has character and supports good ideas. The Democratic Party and their media allies have detested the Trump administration since day 1, and there subjective criticism towards his reputation is doing the most damage to his possibility for reelection. I perceive that the Democratic Parties winning strategy for Nov. is to continue to fuel personal hated towards Trump. Honestly Scottie, the only reason why I like the presidential character of Donald Trump, is because he is entirely contrary to the typical politician. Typical politicians are generally obsessed with thinking they know better than the average American, and Trump has never promoted ideas like this. I don’t find the Democratic field appealing, because I judge them to be liars. If you’ve ever watched their debates, you will somtimes find that they avoid answering specific questions by redirecting the topic to something irrelevant. Bernie Sanders is a communist with absolutely horrible ideas (because ideas are the foundations of politics), like Medicare-for-All and Green New Deal, all of which require significant subsidies from taxpayers. Democratic Socialism is the same as socialism, its takes from one and gives to another in the name of collective equality, and in the process robs everyone of their individual rights.
            In closing Scottie, I understand you feel you have a “wide information database”, but I think you are wasting a lot of time studying trivial possibilites. Politics are based on ideas. Without ideas, we wouldn’t have politics! Whenever I desire to have a more clear understanding of how a matter might “play out”, I look to history, and then I am overwhelmed with wisdom. Yes, Trump’s not perfect in any way, but he’s sure as hell better than the Dems and their pseudo compassion narrative and hatred towards all who disagree with them.
            Praying for you and Ron.
            all the best,


            Comment by Dylan Shetler — February 17, 2020 @ 20:42

            • Hello Dylan. No worries about delays, we are all busy and have other things we need to accomplish. The reply was long because there as a lot of information I had to include to answer your questions. I do take issue with your assessment that terrible things are expected of all humans. Regardless of your religious view you can clearly see that most people do not act in the most terrible manner. It is not acceptable to grope or sexually assault a woman nor should it be tolerated in any society. Especially from the “leaders” of the country. Again I ask you if you would be OK with tRump groping your mother? You say tRump has character, but you do not mention what character you think he has. Do you think it is a good character? Is it good character to abuse your employees? Would your parents be OK with you acting like like him, just on the lies and gaslighting alone I doubt it? You say he supports good ideas, well let’s talk about them. What ideas of his do you consider good?

              You say the Democrats have detested tRump from day one. Yes I agree. I have, but then as I say my spouse worked for him. The Republicans detested him also until he won. Go back and look at what some of his most ardent supporters now said about him then. Lindsey Graham was very clear how bad tRump was. Also you know who else was detested from day one by Republicans. President Obama. Do you know what Mitch McConnell said when Obama was elected? McConnell told the Republican caucus that their job was to deny Obama anything and everything, and work to make sure he was a one term president. Republicans were talking impeaching Hillary before the election happened. The leadership said they planned to move forward with impeachment her first day in office.


              With the latest polls showing Hillary Clinton remains likely to win the election on Tuesday, Republicans are preparing for the possibility of a second Clinton White House by promising to make the next four years a living hell. Some lawmakers are talking openly about refusing to approve any Supreme Court nominees until a Republican is elected president, the F.B.I. is investigating both the Clinton Foundation and the former secretary of state’s use of a private email server, and House Republicans have vowed to launch additional investigations of their own. Now, a growing number of conservatives are warning that there could be a “constitutional crisis” if Clinton is elected, and threatening her with impeachment.

              The idea that tRump is being abused and harassed is simply wanting to be the victim. There may be some subjective criticism, but most of it is fact based. Also as far as hurting election chances again Republicans claiming to be the victim on this is silly. Look at the 9 Benghazi hearings of Hillary Clinton and if she had won the election Republicans were promising a 10th. Funny how after she lost it was no longer important to investigate Benghazi anymore. All of them found no guilt, no wrongdoing and as soon as one was done the Republicans opened another one.

              During an appearance on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show, McCarthy bragged that the House GOP’s investigation into the Benghazi attack had made Hillary Clinton’s poll numbers plummet. Furthermore, he presented it as part of a “strategy to fight and win,” rather than a nonpartisan effort to find the truth.


              You made me laugh when you said tRump did not think he was better than the average American. tRump brags all the time he is the smartest person, knows more than the generals, doesn’t need to study because he already knows everything and the list goes on. Sorry but did you miss his video saying China respects his “very, very large a brain”.

              If you do not like liars you must hate tRump then. He is on record with 16,241 false or misleading claims by 1/20/2020. Look google it. Pick any reputable media from the lists displayed. The number of lies goes up by date. The more recent the date, the higher the number of lies.

              No doubt some Democratic candidates do not answer some questions or shift the topic. All politicians do that including Republicans and tRump. I know I watch their news conferences. Bernie Sanders is not a communist. He is a social Democrat. I know right wing media including Fox News likes to label him a communist but that is wrong. Facts matter. They also matter on topics like Medicare For All and the Green New Deal. Both will save money and open new jobs. You do know more people work in solar energy tech than do coal industries? In fact more jobs are typically created by renewable energy than are by fossil fuel industry. If you hate subsidies by the taxpayer you must really hate the oil and gas companies. I once gave you the numbers that show they are some the biggest takers of subsidies from the government. Conservative estimates put U.S. direct subsidies to the fossil fuel industry at roughly $20 billion per year; with 20 percent currently allocated to coal and 80 percent to natural gas and crude oil. Now if you add in the costs of workers not being paid high enough wages so need social assistance programs Walmart is also highly subsidised by the government.

              Here is the deal my friend. Many companies, industries, and programs are subsidised by the taxpayers. The difference is the ones the right likes are the ones going to the corporations and the wealthy. The ones like Medicare for all will be used by everyone, not just the wealthy. All taxpayers should benefit from government services paid for with tax dollars not just the wealthy.

              No Dylan socialism is vastly different than Social Democracy. Basically socialism is the workers control production and management of the resources. it can be worded like this for easier understanding, “a political and economic theory of social organization which advocates that the means of production, distribution, and exchange should be owned or regulated by the community as a whole”.

              Communism is basically the state owns everything and has complete authority. People are to serve the state and put the country’s good over the individuals needs.

              Social Democracy is a system where capitalism is restrained to work for everyone, but it is still capitalism. And before you run it down, remember that the US is a Social Democracy, just not a very good one compared to the others. We simply do not regulate business practices nor use the tax system to benefit the majority of the people as much as we use too. Back before the 1980’s and Reagan the wealthy were taxed at a much higher rate as I have told you. Same with business. The majority of taxes were paid by those most able to afford them. No wealthy person stopped making money, none went broke, and the wealthy did not flee the country. Business grew, the economy soared, and the middle class did very well. Then Republicans managed to shift the tax burden to those least able to afford to pay them, giving the wealth and corporations a huge reduction in taxes. Those reductions caused the already wealthy and large corporations to have greatly increased profits, but it did not help the country. It has lead to the large wealthy inequality we have today. It has made the US a class system in many respects.

              I am not sure I understand your last bit. I do have a large information base, it is important, and I would suggest it is the best way to evaluate what we hear and read. It might surprise you to know I do watch clips of the shows on what I call State Propaganda TV. I do this because in order to answer the charges or falsehoods pushed, we need to know what is being said. It pays to look up anything stated as fact from those pushing a narrative or doing opinion shows. See Shep Smith and Chris Wallace gave the news with a right wing slant, but it was factual news. Same as CNN, MSNBC, and the broadcast networks. However each of these media companies also have opinion shows, such as Tucker Carlson and Sean Hannity to use ones you may know best. Those shows / hosts can say anything even lies, misleading statements, distortions, and have no obligation to tell the truth. They are free to give their opinion. Those opinions need to be checked for accuracy by the viewer. By all of us. You say you look to history to get an understanding of how things may play out, but I have many times showed you that the history you have been taught, the history you think is really how it was is flawed and faulty. You said your computer time is limited, but I do hope you will google things more and look up the things you question. I do and it helps me both when I am correct and when I am wrong, as we all are both of those at times.

              Dylan thank you for your best wishes, my thoughts are with you also. This is long. I know you don’t like that. However you had a lot of stuff I needed to go over. I would suggest you reply to this in
              several different replies. Take a section and reply to just that, then when you have more time or have had time to verify what I wrote because I may have misunderstood something or gotten bad information, take another section and reply to that. I don’t expect you to answer the whole thing in one go. I understand what it is like to be too busy to get to everything. Just take it in small segments and continue the conversation. Be well. Hugs

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              Comment by Scottie — February 18, 2020 @ 11:56

            • Hello Dylan. A friend has given me a suggestion on how to reduce the length of my replies and still address everything. I liked it a lot. It is sort of what I suggested you do. When you comment I will take the comment and place it in a word document. I will then highlight sections and reply to that section, and do the same for the entire comment. Then after I have double checked the information and proofread the sections I will put the single sections in a reply to your comment, breaking them out in to as many segments as needed. That will make the replies shorter and help those reading along follow the things we are talking about. If there is something we are discussing that might interest others I may even post the different sections for other to comment on. What do you think? Does this sound like it would work for you? Be well. Hugs

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              Comment by Scottie — February 18, 2020 @ 13:32

              • Hello Scottie,
                I am going to reply to the first 7 paragraphs of your reply, which all revolve around the person and character of the president.
                Firstly, most conservatives and republicans don’t care about the presidents character or his ability to pursue morality (I suppose you could label me as one of these people). I have many friends, many of whom are left of center, that are constantly bugging me about the mans inability to conduct himself in a decent fashion. No, I don’t think he’s a genius, and yes he tends to lie excessively (which is not good), but I don’t think he is “evil.” The mainstream media seems obsessed with portraying Trump as a terribly evil foe to America, and that everything he does is purposefully nefarious, but you have to ask yourself, is that really true? I concluded that it was not.
                Every time a politician does something that can be interpreted to be deceitful, I ask myself, was is corruption or incompetence? When Obama said : ‘If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan’, he was lying. Later we found out that many people lost their healthcare plans because of government intervention in the healthcare industry, and even worse, If they didn’t sign up for Obamacare, they were fined for their lack of participation. Now you ask yourself, was that corruption or incompetence?
                Then you may ask, “why do I like Trump being president?” I’m certainly not fond of the way he carries himself, morally and verbally, but I find significant confidence in his ideas. He likes capitalism, and that’s great, but I do think there is definitely crony capitalism. Well, so how do stop that? The left thinks we need higher taxation on big corporations and extremely opulent citizens, but I disagree. I think we need more free markets, less automation, and big business crack downs. Amazon doesn’t need to start paying more in taxes, they need to stop taking over industries. We’ve all seen the destruction they’ve done. Competitors undercut, suppliers squeezed, the list goes on. How much more can America take? Here’s a neat piece on that :
                Anyway, I think this is enough for now. Let me know your thoughts and I will get back to you as soon as my itinerary allows me to.
                All the best,


                Comment by Dylan Shetler — February 22, 2020 @ 14:53

                • Firstly, most conservatives and republicans don’t care about the presidents character or his ability to pursue morality (I suppose you could label me as one of these people). I have many friends, many of whom are left of center, that are constantly bugging me about the mans inability to conduct himself in a decent fashion. No, I don’t think he’s a genius, and yes he tends to lie excessively (which is not good), but I don’t think he is “evil.” The mainstream media seems obsessed with portraying Trump as a terribly evil foe to America, and that everything he does is purposefully nefarious, but you have to ask yourself, is that really true? I concluded that it was not.

                  Hello Dylan. You may be too young to remember the vitriol that was pushed against President Obama. He was constantly attacked for made up things and Fox News managed to make an entire controversy out of him wearing a tan suit. The birther nonsense pushed by tRump claimed as ‘fact” which was all lies. The Tea Party and the Freedom Caucus came into being just to attack Obama. The attacks included his moral character and his family. The very religious leaders today praising tRump slandered, mocked, and maligned Obama at every turn. So, I think it is extremely hypocritical for any conservative to say character or morals don’t matter when they are on record of making that a priority when the president is a Democrat. The very people who wanted Obama impeached for anything and everything say tRump shouldn’t be impeached for what they admit are crimes tRump committed.

                  I wouldn’t label what tRump is doing to the country as evil. I think the word is too vague. Is evil the same as bad? In that case yes he is doing evil. What tRump is doing to the country is very bad for the system of government and our justice system so I guess you could call him evil. However, I would prefer to say he is destroying what the US stood for and how our government works. Instead of working for the good of the country tRump works for the good of himself. tRump doesn’t have the ability to separate the country from himself personally. He is transactional in how he is using the power of government and how he treats the laws of the land. What is good for him personally is good for the country in his mind and vice versa. It is not just that he violates norms but that he breaks laws, acts like a crime boss, blocks the functions of the government he doesn’t like for his own good, and clearly is selling favors from the white house. His pardons are an example of this, instead of trying to right injustice he is selling pardons for campaign cash and celebrity status. He has ruined our status around the world and destroyed our relationship with our closest allies while courting dictators around the world. Again, his dealings around the world are all about how it profits himself personally, in each country he favors he has business dealings. He used the tariff threats to get licenses for his daughter businesses in China, again it is about what is good for himself not the country. He ordered the selling of the resource rights of national parks to companies that gave huge donations to his campaign.

                  I have kept this vague and just on the “is he evil” question. I can give you the long launder list of ways he has mistreated the powers of the presidency and used the office for personal profit if you wish. However, the goal was to answer while keeping the answer short and also informative. I will answer more of your comment over the next few days. Hugs


                  Comment by Scottie — February 26, 2020 @ 03:09

                • Dylan:

                  Every time a politician does something that can be interpreted to be deceitful, I ask myself, was is corruption or incompetence? When Obama said : ‘If you like your health care plan, you’ll be able to keep your health care plan’, he was lying. Later we found out that many people lost their healthcare plans because of government intervention in the healthcare industry, and even worse, If they didn’t sign up for Obamacare, they were fined for their lack of participation. Now you ask yourself, was that corruption or incompetence?

                  Dylan what Obama said was “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor”. Not your health plan nor about the individual mandate. The object of the ACA ( Obamacare ) was to let people change their healthcare plans. The individual mandate was a tax on people who had no coverage and did not sign up for the ACA because those people would add costs to the system that the ACA was designed to change. The SCOTUS said the tax was legal. The Republican congress removed the mandate of the tax, which caused a Judge in Texas to rule the entire ACA must be scrapped without it. That is currently on the SCOTUS calendar for next year. Now as to if the real quote was corruption or incompetence? I looked up the definition of political corruption.

                  Political corruption is the use of powers by government officials or their network contacts for illegitimate private gain. Forms of corruption vary, but include bribery, extortion, cronyism, nepotism, parochialism, patronage, influence peddling, graft, and embezzlement.

                  Since what Obama said did not have any illegitimate private gain component, I don’t think corruption applies.
                  Incompetence? Yes maybe. He clearly should have realized if the doctor was out of network for the plan a person chooses then they would have to get a different doctor or pay the extra costs themselves. One great thing about Medicare For All is every doctor and all facilities are in network. So, if you like your doctor you get to keep your doctor is a true statement for MFA.
                  I think what we must look at when talking about tRump and his problem with lies, is the scale. Every president must tell some lies for the good of the country. However tRump lies about everything and anything. He tells lies about stuff he doesn’t need to. The current president is a pathological liar. He also is a narcissist. They often go together. The problem with a president that lies that much and so openly is people can not trust him in an emergency. You can not trust anything tRump says, nor his administration because they have openly lied about so many things. Alternative facts are lies and how can you have faith or trust in an administration that proudly proclaims “alternative facts”. Hugs


                  Comment by Scottie — February 26, 2020 @ 10:09

                  • Scottie, I would add … not only does Trump lie about nearly everything, he turns around and lies about what he lied about. Supporters really should pay closer attention to what he says … EVERY time he speaks. He’ll say one thing on a Tuesday and by Friday, he’ll say just the opposite. Further, even when his lie is documented and/or recorded and/or shown on TV, he’ll say he never said it.

                    This guy is the ultimate example of someone who lives his daily life using CYA techniques.

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                    Comment by Nan — February 26, 2020 @ 13:11

                    • Hello Nan. Thank you for adding that, you are very correct.
                      OT. While I have only done two and have one more to go, do you like the format you suggested? I am afraid people will miss the comment replies as I waited so long to answer the original comment. Hugs


                      Comment by Scottie — February 26, 2020 @ 15:22

                    • I think it works … but you and Dylan are the ones that need to be comfortable with it.

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                      Comment by Nan — February 26, 2020 @ 15:41

                    • Hello Nan. While Dylan and I are the ones in the conversation right now, I would hope others will follow along and join in when they have something to add. I am looking for discussions, conversation. People who might catch things I am wrong about or miss. To me this is about adding understanding and information, about learning and growing. Hugs

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                      Comment by Scottie — February 26, 2020 @ 15:45

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