An Emboldened Trump Now Admits He Sent Giuliani to Ukraine to Dig Up Dirt on Bidens – After Lying for Months He Had Not

An Emboldened Trump Now Admits He Sent Giuliani to Ukraine to Dig Up Dirt on Bidens – After Lying for Months He Had Not

President Donald Trump has just admitted he sent his personal attorney, Rudy Giuliani, to Ukraine to dig up dirt on former Vice President Joe Biden and Biden’s son Hunter. This is the first time Trump has made this admission, previously he has denied directing the former NYC mayor and at times even distancing himself from him.

“Here’s my choice: I deal with the Comeys of the world, or I deal with Rudy,” Trump said, calling his attorney a “crime fighter.”

Trump explained that he has “a very bad taste” of the US intelligence community, because of the Russia investigation, so he turned to Giuliani.




8 thoughts on “An Emboldened Trump Now Admits He Sent Giuliani to Ukraine to Dig Up Dirt on Bidens – After Lying for Months He Had Not

    • Hello Nan. Yes it is stunning, they disregard all his lies about it being fake and a witch hunt to just accepting it is OK he did it because it is … him. Everything is wrong and bad if a Democrat does it, wonderful and correct if tRump does it. Hugs

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  • Well, Rudy, Roger Stone, Paul Manafort, Donald Trump, Jared Kushner, et al are a corrupt lot. If someone tries to tell you Trump is not corrupt, just mention Trump University, Trump Foundation, and bullying people through law suits to not pay them fair contractual fees. Call me crazy, but I still want to know who paid off Kushner’s $1.2 billion bridge loan two years ago. There was a reason Kushner was not going to get a security clearance until his father-in-law intervened.

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        • Hello Keith. You have a different perspective on things than I do, a different viewpoint. I like that, as I can learn or understand better when I agree or justify my disagreement. On what is happening with these high level appointees and Republican favorites I am worried. Dark money is becoming a huge cloud over our government. I hear people talk about oligarchs and I think they are wrong, it is plutocrats we have in our country. The US has either become or is on the verge of becoming a plutocracy. Look at Bloomberg and his rise in the polls. He basically said to heck with the first four election contests, he doesn’t care about those voters. Instead he is using his vast wealth to saturate the media with pro-Bloomberg advertisements which not only gives him name recognition but also drive the rates up so his competitors can not afford to buy any real air time. We have a serious big money donor class problem in this country. It has grown from the last 50 years or more from a quiet thing to a “no matter how loud and in your face we must be the goal is to get what we want”. Keith am I wrong about the history of this? I don’t remember it being this blatant before, this driven? Please excuse the disjointed sentence thoughts, I am very tired tonight. I have been working all day on a problem and only realised at 6 PM I was investigating the “south end of a north facing horse” . 😀😋😄😎 Hugs

          Ps. On realising I was looking at the problem from the back end, the wrong side ( which I would have realized earlier if I was younger I think ) it took me only ten minutes to fix the problem. I think that is symbolic of our political situation today. I spent most of the time from mid afternoon to nearly 6 PM trying to fix a problem in a computer the problem was not. Only after everything I had done to fix it failed, which seemed impossible, did I stepped back and realised the problem was in the other computer. If I follow out the sequence it was an error on my part as to the problem and therefore the solution. I wonder if that applies to the current election? HUgs


  • Scottie, you are right about the influence of the wealthy (and now foreign entities) on election. It is far easier with the two Supreme Court rulings that allow unfettered dark money in any race in the country. Right now, there is a Senate primary where dark Republican money is paying for a commercial of a Dem competitor they want to win and run against in November. They have done this before in SC when they helped a nobody win the primary to run against Lindsey Graham. This is not how it should be.

    As for a larger view of the economic problem we have, I posted the following comment on Hugh’s blog. It is slightly off topic, but gives some context.

    “The 1950s saw an American juggernaut of an economy with a thriving middle class. Having your own home was not a dream as more Americans could afford one. It also had strong union representation that benefited both union and non-union wages.

    Since the 1980s when the top end tax rate was dramatically cut, the use of equity compensation increased, and more outsourcing, offshoring and downsizing occurred, the discrepancy between the haves and have nots git much wider. Then, further changes to the estate tax laws, further income tax cuts, etc. and the disparity is even more worse.
    Now, we have more folks working part-time, where benefits are not offered. We have more working in gig economies where benefits are not offered. So, yes more people are employed, but are not thriving. The middle class has been squeezed downward where we have more American living paycheck to paycheck or below.

    This disparity cannot last too much longer without some reckoning. Increases in minimum wages are occurring, but if benefits do not come with that, there are too many who are in dire straights if something happens.

    We have poverty problem that has been masked in this country. Doing away with healthcare access and making it harder to get food stamps, Medicaid, etc. is not the answer.
    We have returned to a Robber Baron period, but it is masked somewhat. Until we address the poverty issues, we won’t solve this problem.”


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    • Hello Keith. I agree with you on dark money. I also agree with you on these super pacs that can come in and run any advertisements they want without checks or controls. While the campaigns are not to coordinate with them they often do by back channels.

      I like the comment, and I agree. The question I have is how to fix it. So far I have only heard from Bernie and Warren on how to fully reverse some of it, the other Democrats seem to want only slight tweaks that mostly keep the status quo and only incrementally make things better. That still leaves large swaths of the country in deep trouble and only delays the eventual collapse. Hugs


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