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The goal is to force every child to honor their god, to worship as they do, to learn their doctrines.    They don’t care about the rights of the other parents who may not believe as they do.    They do not care about the fact it is a public school so shouldn’t have forced religion at all.   It is all about special privilege for their Christian religion and the making everyone follow their church doctrines.    Hugs

Iowa GOP Lawmaker Pushes Bill to Stick “Endowed By Their Creator” in All Schools

Perhaps because, much like all those “In God We Trust” bills, doing so would allow Christian lawmakers to stick the phrase “endowed by their Creator” in every public school in the state.


American Atheists’ Iowa State Director Justin Scott has released a statement pushing back against this bill both because it’s another example of Christian overreach and because it micromanages public schools.

Iowa’s “Endowed by their Creator” school display bill would force students to view a religious message in every single classroom across our state. With 35% of teenagers identifying as nonreligiousSF 2101 stigmatizes more than a third of all students and attacks their religious freedom.

This divisive bill also serves no educational purpose. Instead, it serves one purpose and one purpose alone: allow activists to advance a distorted, Christian nationalist agenda in schools…If teachers want to display a cherry picked section of the Declaration of Independence, they already can. However, forcing them to do so is government overreach — plain and simple — and an attack on local control. With this exclusionary bill, bureaucrats in Des Moines claim they know better than our local public school leaders what’s best for each district.

Instead of micro-managing our already overworked teachers and underfunded public schools, the Iowa legislature should focus its efforts on adequately funding public education and supporting the teachers who have devoted their lives to the craft of teaching. Iowans want schools to educate, not indoctrinate or advance special interests.

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