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    • Hello Nan. Me, you, NO. However I also do not think we should accept this as normal. It is a horrible statement about our democracy. It is a clear sign of what our country has become under a demagogue and a compliant power hungry political party. I am torn between rage and despair at this point. I really feel this is a pivotal time in our country, in which both sides will do everything, sacrifice everything to win the total victory. I just hope it is the side of equality, justice for all, and freedom of democracy instead of religous theocracy and a denial of plutocarcy. Hugs

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      • I sometimes wonder if the Democratic candidates ever look beyond their “platforms.” They seem to focus on a few things and say little to nothing about the CRAP that’s taking place on a daily basis under the current regime. Oh they can get all emotional</> about what THEY stand for … but where’s the outrage and the disgust and the shock at what’s happening in this nation?

        Warren’s slam at Bloomberg the other night was powerful, no doubt, but why hasn’t she pointed out the same traits about Trump in earlier debates???!?

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        • Hello Nan. Yup, totally agree. Not just for Warren but for all of them. I hope they have not forgotten who we are fighting against. I guess they think it will be time enough in the General election, but I sure would like to hear a little rifting attacks on tRump now.

          I understand they are trying to establish themselves, and trying to draw contrast between each other. But like you I want to hear how they would dismantle or stop the trump assault on democracy.

          I thought Warren was at the top of the whole crew and won hands down. She showed fire and directed purpose that shouldn’t be shaken. I can see her tearing into tRump, wrapping him up in a blanket and then beating him without mercy. Well a former military man can dream, right? Hugs

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