4 thoughts on “Not a booming economy

    • Hello Nan. But it is , courtesy of gaslighting and lies. If in doubt just tune in to any State Propaganda TV to hear them tell you all the soothing lies and distortions to regain your deep love for the dear leader and total rage at them that can see the emperor has no clothes. All praise the non thinking rage bubble where we get to act out on our emotions. Hugs

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      • Speaking of SPTV, out of curiosity, I switched over to the Laura Ingram show last night for about 10 min. … just to see. She had two guys on that, essentially, didn’t say anything. Seriously! They just rambled on and on and offered their “opinion” with nothing to back it up. I really tried to put on an imaginary MAGA hat so I could identify with the their perspectives … but was TOTALLY unsuccessful.

        That’s the big difference that I see in CNN and MSNBC reporting. They present more than opinion. They have facts and data and even on-screen quotes to back up their perspectives. (It is, of course, all lies, you know.)

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        • Hello Nan. Thank you for the shortened version, I had not thought of doing that but it is much easier on my arthritic fingers, I hope you don’t mind my borrowing it. SPTV!

          I love your take on Ingram. She is one that I simply can not watch even in clips. I mostly can stomach Tucker or Sean, but I refuse to watch anything with Laura Ingraham or Jeanine Pirro as their hatred and normal screaming fits of nonsense sends my heart rate and blood pressure to levels even my medications can not handle.

          On a serious note Nan, you hit on a great point. One I am having trouble explaining to Dylan. He has been taught to distrust anything but far right wing news sources. So my “facts” presented to him with where I got them seem to mean nothing because he has been taught to ignore them as lies. I agree with you on the other networks, but if you read Dylan’s earlier stuff he totally distrust those networks and claimed they deliberately lying and presenting fake news. It is a total reversal of the way things are, yet that is what the other side now presents.
          It is a hard casum to bridge, yet we all must try. My goal is not to beat him into admitting he is wrong but to show him how he has been lied too and where he can get the real information. I fear I am losing the battle. I worry for kids like him.

          Nan I am not sure how we fix this, there are so many legal issues and constitutional issues, yet the ones tearing our country apart have explodied them to stab us repeatedly. Hugs


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