4 thoughts on “Skin color matters in the Justice system

      • Hello Nan. Totally heartbreaking. I do not know how but I do know we , I, must fight this with everything I have. Religious people talk about their soul and how it is at risk. Allowing this, condoning this, threatens every part of decency that is in a human. I wish they and their god could see this. Hugs

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    • Hello Nan. Thank you. A day shouldn’t ever pass that we do not worry about the people in civil detention that is no different than jail and prison. The daily lives of these people simply fleeing for their lives is unthinkable, yet we must think about them with the drive to change this horrible situation. How can any white parent think what is happening in our country to those brown kids is OK yet they would fight with all they have to prevent such a thing from happening to their own children? How do you square saying yes that kid should be a slave due to skin color but my kid the same age should never be treated that way because he is my color? Maybe hundreds of years in the past before they totally proved we are all one species, but that sure the heck is not now that it has proved that we are. It really upsets me that something so unscientific but visual, is taken with such authority to give racism permission to deny proven science. Hugs

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