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February 26, 2020

Trump demands Democrats pay for coronavirus effort by cutting heating oil for the poor

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What is it with Republicans trying to defund every single program needed by the poor to survive?   Hugs

Trump demands Democrats pay for coronavirus effort by cutting heating oil for the poor

“A document that the Trump administration sent to Congress, which we have seen, indicates that the administration is transferring $37 million to emergency funding for the coronavirus response from the Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program, or LIHEAP, which funds heating for poor families,” they reported.

This program, a frequent target for cuts by the GOP, is essential to making sure low-income families’ homes are livable in parts of the country where winter temperatures are especially bad.


  1. He is an evil, evil man. Can’t someone arrange a meeting for him with someone that has Coronavirus but not tell him.

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    Comment by davidprosser — February 26, 2020 @ 15:59

    • Hello David. One reason he is freaking out about this, including the fact that those cruise ship people with it were brought back to the US without his permission, he is a germaphobe. Terrified of germs. One reason he wouldn’t allow any one he thought of as gay to handle his food, yet he did not know Ron was gay. He is afraid of poisoning and thinks people are out to get him. That is why he loves fast food take out, he thinks no one can poison him with it if they don’t know it is for him. Hugs


      Comment by Scottie — February 26, 2020 @ 16:21

      • Hi Scottie (I’m still in the process of responding to your reply), but I thought I would share this comical article with you that I recently finished. I know what you’ll probably think of it, because of the site that it originates from, but I would encourage you to check it out anyway. It’s about the #DemDebate last night.

        Hope all is well,

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        Comment by Dylan Shetler — February 26, 2020 @ 18:18

        • Hello Dylan. I was about to go to bed myself, but I will check it out in the morning. Hugs

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          Comment by Scottie — February 26, 2020 @ 18:21

        • Dylan, I have to (somewhat) agree with the contents of the article. It was a piss-poor debate. Even worse were the moderators. AND the questions that were asked.

          As stated at the beginning of the article, The Democrats still haven’t gotten their act together. Regrettably … there’s a lot of truth in that statement.

          Unfortunately for us “Blues, these folk are making it harder and harder for us to choose a viable candidate. But eventually we will! And you can be assured it will be someone who will beat Trump. 😊

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          Comment by Nan — February 26, 2020 @ 18:46

        • Good morning Dylan. What a shit show. They simply put everyone at the top of the biggest hill they could find and set them rolling with no brakes and no steering controls. While the article was very biased on substance of the questions it asks, it is true the debate, word used very loosely, was more of a SNL skit than a search for policy or position of the candidates. It was a Jr high food fight with the moderators totally unable to control it. I am watching clips of it right now and it is worse than the article says in conduct. I know for some of these candidates it is their last stand but the truth is every adult involved should be ashamed of themselves, I am ashamed of them. I will note it seems the audience was stacked with supporters of different campaigns with Bloomberg’s section seemed to be paid to cheer him and boo others. I can address that when I get back if you like.

          I am going to be out of the office most of the morning. Maybe all morning. When I get back I will address the specific questions asked in the article if you want. Or did you just want my opinion on the debate it self? Hugs


          Comment by Scottie — February 27, 2020 @ 04:56

          • Hi Scottie,
            I was wondering what your thoughts were about the candidates. Obviously Bernie will be the nominee (at least in my estimations), but who do think is most competent?

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            Comment by Dylan Shetler — February 27, 2020 @ 10:44

            • Hello Dylan. As I often say in my posts I support Warren. I think she has the best qualifications and would make the best president. She has the most detailed plans, she has shown she is not only smart but tough. When Mitch McConnell couldn’t make her cower he had to use the Senate rules to stop her. She is also the most progressive of the Democrats with policies that can work for everyone, all of the country. On the plus side she doesn’t have the baggage of Bernie and doesn’t show the limitations of some of the other candidates.

              I disagree with you that Bernie will be the nominee. Why do you think that?


              Comment by Scottie — February 27, 2020 @ 14:13

              • Hello Scottie,

                Warren, although she may look appealing to you, is not currently appealing to the rest of the country. Polls have her politically drowning,
                Check these out :






                Comment by Dylan Shetler — February 27, 2020 @ 14:48

                • Hello Dylan. I will check them out, but that is not the polling I have seen. In every credited polls I have seen all the top tier Democratic candidates beat the Republican candidate.

                  Having said that we should remember that polls can be very wrong. Do you remember that most polls in the 2016 election claimed tRump was not electable? That really turned out wrong didn’t it? Hillary was unbeatable according to the polls, yet while she won almost 3 million more votes she lost the electoral college.

                  Dylan who do you think is viable on the Democrat side and why? You ask me to analyse the candidates so I ask you to do the same. I am looking for your thoughts and opinions.

                  Also if you feel up to it, what about Joe Walsh and Bill Weld who were trying to run on the Republican ticket? Do you think it was a proper or good thing that some states refused to hold primaries so there would be no challengers to tRump? Is that the brave tough man he wants to portray? The last may seem insulting but it is not meant to be, it goes to the question of the image tRump tries to portray himself as. Image is everything to tRump, so does this hurt the image he tries to creat of him being so macho and unbeatable? Hugs


                  Comment by Scottie — February 27, 2020 @ 16:59

            • Hello Dylan. Wow. Loved them. Have to admit the only one I grant any validity to is the 538 site. The gambling ones were interesting.

              Dylan some days I wish we could talk in person, there is so much we could share so much easier than we do with comments and replies.

              Do you know about contested conventions? That is where the Democratic nomination is heading. That is why those who clearly can not win are still staying in. It is because anyone with delegates can get things they want for giving their delegates to the ones with more. The words “old fashion horse trading” is one way to describe it. So looking towards the end of the Democratic race saying none have the needed 50% +1 to win, how do you see the Democratic race playing out? Hugs


              Comment by Scottie — February 27, 2020 @ 18:19

              • Hello Scottie,

                It’s my personal interpretation that Bernie will be the nominee, and yes you made a fairly reasonable point bringing up the brokered conventions, because it’s a possibility that locating the nominee could end up very difficult for the Dems. Right now, there are still 7 viable candidates (although I don’t perceive there will be for very long). Super Tuesday is approaching on the calendar, and I foresee some of them getting knocked out once the 6 out of 16 biggest states in the US cast their votes. It’s going to be quite interesting, but I don’t think Buttigieg, Klobachar, or Warren will survive March 3rd. The reason why I think Bernie will topple the rest of them, is because of the shift in the DNC’s base towards radical leftism. I know you may widely disagree here, but besides what the mainstream media tells you, Bernie is a communist. You can read my latest article on the election here :


                Anyway, I also wanted to share this with you. I know that you don’t frequently think outside of mainstream ideas, but here are some videos I would encourage you to watch (I would appreciate it if you found the time to do so, since I have viewed many of yours in the past). Thanks for the reply 🙂

                I understand they are lengthy, but they are well worth the time PS : these men all have various political beliefs, but still find civility when speaking to each other, something I think our country has lost.


                Comment by Dylan Shetler — February 27, 2020 @ 21:24

                • Hello Dylan. Possibly civility has been lost among some, but I remember not to long ago when you had an issue with being civil both here on my blog and on others. I choose to overlook it, and I will say you have conducted yourself as a gentleman ever since. Hugs

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                  Comment by Scottie — February 29, 2020 @ 14:25

                • Hello Everyone. This is the comment I left on Dylan’s blog and I wanted to add it here so others that don’t go to his blog might be able to weigh in on the topic. Hugs

                  Hello Dylan. Let’s talk radical. You know why the term radical left is nonsense? Because the farthest left positions of the Democratic party has not moved from the 1970’s. The center of the party and the party leaders have moved right. History shows this. Look at Nancy Pelosi’s positions in the 1970’s and 1980’s and you will see was fighting for the very same things AOC , the “Squad”, and yes Bernie are fighting for now. One of the things she told those doing the sit in at her office was she “still had the protest signs in her basement from the 1970’s campaigns for medicare for all”. So there is no radical left, simply people who don’t know history or want to shade a discussion with a bias.

                  You have accused Sanders of being a communist before. That is wrong, you know it is wrong as we have talked about it with me showing you clearly how it is wrong, so for you to keep repeating it makes you deliberately trying to mislead people which is another term for a liar. Furthermore you add to the lie with another lie that sanders supports “… the economic practice of socialism”. You and I also went over this, with me pointing out that Sanders is a Social Democrat, which is a person who supports a restrained capitalism, but is a capitalist nonetheless. Bernie has even pointed out the model he wants to follow which is Denmark, a very capitalist country with regulations on capitalism to keep it from running amok and to benefit everyone in their society. Socialism is where all control, production and distribution of goods, is in the control of the workers only. Not that workers have a say, but that they alone have the control. Just so we don’t get confused communism is when the state has the power of control, production and distribution, of goods. So again let’s be clear Bernie Sanders is a self described Social Democrat ( often interchanged with Democratic Socialist but there are subtle difference between the two ) along the idea of the Nordic countries, specifically Denmark. He is on record several times saying this.

                  I find it interesting you have just noticed corporate media’s distaste, disliking, and outright loathing for Bernie. I have a better understanding of it because I knew him from Vermont and I also followed the 2016 campaign. It goes back about at least 30+ years. It has gotten much worse as the Democratic party moved right. As media started to need to make a profit they needed sponsors, paid advertising. See there was a time I remember when the news divisions of TV stations did not need to make money the rest of the network carried them. News papers carried the news but as they needed both advertisers and subscribers, often content was bias in favor of the advertiser. Radio was paid for by advertisers so again could have distinctive bias. There was no internet, the only alternative sources of news was talk radio and pamphlets. The more the media needed big corporate sponsors the more right they and their coverage became. The internet’s big explosion was the lack of big money control at first. That is what drove it, room to spout any idea possible.

                  As for Chuck Todd he has a center right bias and always has. His other go to move is “whataboutism” where no matter what a concertive has done he also has to claim something the Democrats did is just as bad. In your list I am surprised you missed good old Chris Matthews meltdown over Bernie’s wins. Here is what you may have missed with all the negative press. Bernie has the largest support of any single candidate. The policies he is promoting poll very well not only among Democrats but also among Republicans when you subtract the candidates name / party from them. I also agree with you that the animosity that #45 has created about himself is such that people have already said they would cross party lines to vote him out, that most likely will include voting for Bernie if he is the nominee. I disagree with you that the more progressive Democratic candidates have been horrible, in fact the ones people thought were the most progressive won the presidency. The truth is when Democrats have forced a moderate as the one running, they lost. Hillary was a moderate, tRump was a populist, Bernie is a populist. People seem to really want populism. At this point it is far too early to tell. But it is an interesting thing to ponder. Hugs


                  Comment by Scottie — February 29, 2020 @ 16:24

                • Hey Dylan. What happened to the comment I left on your post. You asked me to check it out, I did. I left a thoughtful comment correcting the errors in it. I was up for moderation which I understand, but now seems to have been completely deleted? Are you censoring comment? Hugs


                  Comment by Scottie — March 3, 2020 @ 07:54

                  • Hello Scottie,

                    Sorry about that. It should be up now, and I will be getting back to you soon. Excited for Super Tuesday!

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                    Comment by Dylan Shetler — March 3, 2020 @ 10:19

                    • Hello Dylan. Yes I am very excited. How do you think it will play out? How are you getting the results, I thought you told me your parents don’t allow TV watching? Do you get them online or radio? Hugs

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                      Comment by Scottie — March 3, 2020 @ 12:24

                    • Hello Scottie,

                      My parents allow me to watch TV, but not play video games or utilize certain harmful forms of social media (which I don’t mind because I agree that both of these things are destructive to living productively in life).
                      I think Bernie will win my state (like he always does), and Biden will probably get Texas…
                      I will be getting the results live from Fox News and I don’t normally prefer to watch Fox (but my family members do), but it is, in my perception, extensively more decent than CNN or MSNBC. I quit watching Fox News as much after I discovered that I was turning into a talking piece for Tucker Carlson xD. Now, I obtain most of my news from The Epoch Times and the DailyWire. The former being more bias towards my political and social beliefs, while the latter has a reputation for accuracy and factual reporting.
                      Anyway, I will be getting back to you soon.
                      Chat later..

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                      Comment by Dylan Shetler — March 3, 2020 @ 14:23

                    • Hello Dylan. You are by now far ahead of me on the news. I took the afternoon to make a big spaghetti & red sauce with meatballs and other fixings for Ronnie. Then while he got ready for work I had to clean the kitchen which includes making sure all the dishes are either running through the dishwasher or washed by hand. I am tired out!

                      I am glad you have access to media. I was worried from your first description. I have posted enough on the isolation and horrible consequences from kids and young people forced into a black out from everything in the world. Thankfully that is not your situation.

                      I agree with you that Bernie will take your state. But this morning I was listening to several morning talk shows where different people were talking about Bernie’s ground game in Texas. I do know that Texas is very diverse and if it was not so gerrymandered and had so much voter suppression would be a blue or very purple state, but like you I have a hard time thinking Bernie could take it. Yet Beto nearly won a Senate seat over Ted Cruz. So maybe?

                      I am going to be bouncing around between broadcast channels and online stuff. However as I got up at 3:30 AM I am not sure how long I can stay up. Drop me a comment on your thoughts on as the results come in, I am interested. Hugs


                      Comment by Scottie — March 3, 2020 @ 18:26

                    • Hello Scottie,

                      I’m pretty sure that Bernie will conquer California, maybe about 75% or more of the vote, while Texas is up for grabs. Obviously less successful candidates have been dropping out and siding with Biden since they have such hatred for a potential Bernie Sanders nominee.
                      What do you think?

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                      Comment by Dylan Shetler — March 3, 2020 @ 20:13

                    • Hello Dylan. I find it really a strange disconnect between some news channels and online media. I am struck by how hard some broadcast channels are trying to frame the early calls and results as total loss for Bernie and progressives while now claiming the center right is the winning spot. That totally ignores the center people who have dropped out and tried to help Biden. On the early eastern southern states, they do seem to favor Biden and early results seem to go to Biden but remember the demographics there, yet the states with more diverse latino populations are expected to go to Bernie. I just missed most of it but TYT is reporting a bunch of texas state districts going for progressive candidates, but I had the sound down and not sure what candidates they were talking about and they do not do close caption like the TV networks. But it does sound like Texas could go progressive or at least blue. Exciting isn’t this? Wait until your first presidential vote. You will stay up all night, well I still do, to see who it finally is called for. This is our democracy at work, the system we have. I just wish more people were as into it as you are. The sad fact is really old people vote and they win because of that. If the the young people voted they would get everything they wanted because the total number of young people out number the old people. And no I am not one of the “old” people in this demographic. My age group don’t figure in to the young vrs old equation. 😋🙄😫😍Hugs


                      Comment by Scottie — March 3, 2020 @ 20:30

                    • Hey Dylan what is really going to hurt Warren is if she comes in third in Mass. She can survive second, but I doubt third. Hugs


                      Comment by Scottie — March 3, 2020 @ 20:32

                    • Hello Dylan. Just checked and NBC is not even reporting Bernie wins only Biden and Bloomberg. I like news, but I dislike spin or misinformation. I want the news to be reported as factual as possible regardless if it fits the news companies interest or not. It is why for years I loved the BBC. Hugs


                      Comment by Scottie — March 3, 2020 @ 20:38

                    • Hello Dylan, one online site says Bernie has a lead in Texas? Hugs


                      Comment by Scottie — March 3, 2020 @ 20:48

                    • Hello Dylan, it was just announced that Bloomberg is going to reassess his run as a candidate tomorrow, and it is reported that he has not bought advertising beyond tonight? So what was his whole point, to be a spoiler? Over 500 million just to be a spoiler? Wow must be nice. Hugs


                      Comment by Scottie — March 3, 2020 @ 21:41

                    • Hello Scottie,

                      It appears, In order to obtain a nominee, the Dems will need to take this race to a brokered convention. You want to talk about a waste of money. Bloomberg just dropped out this morning after spending over $500 million dollars in a bid for a Dem nomination. He spent over $180 million dollars on TV adds, $10 million on a Super Bowl slot alone, just absolute insanity. I think Bernie is finally “berning out.” I perceive that a good portion of Dem voters understand that Bernie is a wack job communist that shouldn’t be trusted with the office of the presidency. It’s actually a good thing that the young, uneducated, people of this country don’t get out and vote. One of the reasons I think young people (particularly some of my friends) find Bernie so appealing, is the notion that he essentially mimics their intellectual immaturity. You know the old saying, “you grow more conservative as you exceed in age.” Of course you’re not a good example of this phenomenon xD. But it still seems accurate when assessing the current state of America.

                      I cant believe Joe Biden is leading…
                      What do you think?
                      Do you still think favorably of Warren?
                      It looks like she’ll be giving up soon.

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                      Comment by Dylan Shetler — March 4, 2020 @ 14:32

                    • Hello Dylan. First explain to me how a self avowed Social Democrat running as a Democrat is a communist? You keep making this claim and it is simply factually incorrect. To keep repeating a mistake is not a sign of maturity.

                      As for Bloomberg the thing to remember is all that money, which is more than some small town budgets for a year, is nothing to him. He is said to be worth 58 billion. He could drop a lot more and has promised to and it still wont change his lifestyle one bit. The interest he makes alone should make most of that up pretty quickly, maybe in a matter of months, but when you add in all his investments and companies, to him what he did was basically the equivalent of you or I spending $20 on lottery tickets. What I like best about the Bloomberg saga is that all that money did not buy him the election, and other than polling high he can only claim victory in American Samoa, a U.S. territory that awards six pledged delegates in the battle for the Democratic nomination.

                      You know I reject your description of Sanders and really think it is a projection of what tRump is. However I prefer facts to “sass” so I will just say that there is a large amount of people who disagree with you on your assentent of Sanders. I see no reason why young people shouldn’t vote. I say lower the voting age to 16. The things our politicians do, the actions taken affect them also, they should have a say. If they choose not to learn about issues or educate themselves on candidates, they are the losers for it. A lot of them won’t even bother to vote. I was just talking with Nan. We both are amazed at the many people so uneducated about the issues and things going on especially the history of the candidates.

                      The history of the partial quote if your interested. It is informative how the structure of the quote has changed through the centuries.

                      I wouldn’t cheer Biden too hard just yet. First as it is now clear that Warren has no path for any kind of victory her supporters that liked her policies will switch to Bernie. I have done so. Biden’s big money donors prior to this were tapped out, and he is drastically short of money, while Bernie has a huge war chest raking in a record breaking 47 million in small donors in one month. He will get more now. I also think a lot of gay guys in forums / comment sections I read were supporting Pete Buttigieg simply due to identity politics. He was gay, they were gay, they wanted a gay man to win big, so they supported and voted for him. Now that he is out very few will support Biden in a primary. In the General if he is the nominee yes, but not the primary. Most will go to Bernie I think. Now that this is a two man race it changes everything. With so many running they were syphoning votes from each other. Now it will be concentrated.

                      As for Warren giving up, I would hope so. However a lot of talk I hear is speculation she will limp along until the convention banking on it being contested. I even heard a convincing argument that not endorsing Bernie now but doing so at the convention was a better strategy.

                      Lastly my opinion on the convention. If Bernie can get 51% of the delegates they have to make him the nominee. If they don’t the Democrats are done as a party. It will fracture into at least three parts, or two parts with some joining the republican party. A lot will register as independent. If Bernie has a plurality but not enough to win outright, the DNC will try to take the advantage from him. If they do, again they risk alienating a huge swath of the voters. The only way that would work is if all the other candidates give Biden all their delegates and it is enough to surpass Bernie’s. The worst thing they could do is use superdelegates to over turn the will of the voters who gave Bernie the majority of delegates and simply appoint Biden the winner. That would again cause a lot of anger and people will leave the party.

                      You asked my thoughts and the above is my opinion. What do you think? Hugs


                      Comment by Scottie — March 4, 2020 @ 15:47

      • Wonder what Dump would do if a rumor went around stating that McDonalds has been importing meat from China for their burgers lately….

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        Comment by TheChattyIntrovert — March 3, 2020 @ 01:08

        • Hello TheChattyIntrovert. He would exempt it from his tariffs as he did his stuff and Ivanka’s businesses. But the cult followers don’t know this as it is not repeated over and over on State Propaganda TV. Hugs

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          Comment by Scottie — March 3, 2020 @ 04:51

          • It makes me wonder what the famous germaphobe would eat if he can’t trust his “un-poisonable” fast food staple… hmm… maybe someone should put a flea in his doctor’s ear and see if it could get Dump to eat something healthier (hee hee)

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            Comment by TheChattyIntrovert — March 3, 2020 @ 16:21

            • Hello TheChattyIntrovert. tRump thinks apple pie is a fruit and french fries are a vegetable. 😀😁😃😄😍😏 Hugs

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              Comment by Scottie — March 3, 2020 @ 18:44

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