USA TODAY: Warren has revived her 2020 campaign and could be the nominee who unites the Democrats

Warren has revived her 2020 campaign and could be the nominee who unites the Democrats
Warren makes a strong case that Bloomberg and Sanders can’t ‘get it done’ but she can. The double-barreled attack may help resurrect her candidacy.

Read in USA TODAY:

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4 thoughts on “USA TODAY: Warren has revived her 2020 campaign and could be the nominee who unites the Democrats

  • Interesting article. It covered one point that I had not considered about Warren — her potential ability to stand up to Trump, as indicated by her stance against Bloomberg. IOW, she’s a fighter. I just hadn’t seen her in this way before. I was looking more at her policies — which I still have reservations about (but this is no different than how I feel about the other candidates). However, looking at her through this new angle … hmmmm.

    I’m not thrilled with Sanders … but I’ll stand behind him. The main thing we need to worry about is whether the Democratic Party will keep their nose out of the elections and let things play out. Also, if the news media will stop playing up “socialism” as being part of his platform.

    I trust you read Heather’s latest newsletter? She nails it every single issue!

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    • Hello Nan. I did not get to her newsletter today. I did not get home until after noon, I took a quick nap, then ate. Ron got up and needed my help. So I really am only started to get back to everything now. I will read her today’s post and tomorrow’s post together tomorrow morning.

      I think everything you said in your comment is grand. I also wish the mainstream news would stop pretending Bernie is a communist / capitalist hating socialist. It simply is not true. He is a Social Democrat. Like every other Democratic candidate. They are all Social Democrats, they all believe capitalism needs to have rules and regulations applied so it doesn’t run amuck. At least Bernie / along with Warren are up front with how they really plan to reign it in. I wonder if the others will or if they are already bought and paid for by the high end donors. I think Pete is already bought, as is Biden, and Klobuchar. Hugs

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